Total 162
DB name DB description and usage guide
Translation of Goryeo history, Urtext, and slides of Goryeo relics are included.
국가통계포털 (KOSIS)
Statistics Korea provides one-stop statistical services
로앤비 온주
Korea's First Online Legal Comment
로앤비 전자법률도서관
It Provides domestic case and legal information, corporate legal cases, life law cases, and legal information.
In detail
<모바일 앱 이용 안내> 1. LawnB Pro 앱설치 2. 앱에서 “단체/전용회원” 탭 클릭 3. 로그인 하단에 “단체/전용회원 기기등록 신청” 클릭 4. 단체 아이디 : pusan 5. nickname : 본인이 사용할 아이디 입력 후 등록 신청 6. 등록 신청 후 본인의 이름, 학번, 학과, nickname을 기재하여 lawlib@pusan.ac.kr로 승인 요청 ※ 담당 사서 승인 후 이용 가능(이용자 수 제한으로 재학생만 이용 가능)
삼일회계법인 DB (삼일아이닷컴)
Specialized legal information services in tax/accounting/economic/financial/economic fields created by Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers
Original text services for 1,300 types of academic journals and research publications published by more than 800 academic societies and research institutes in Korea
Excavation reports since the 1940s and surveys on cultural relics and living culture at the provincial, municipal, and county levels are provided by region, period, and institution
In detail
현재 국립중앙박물관, 서울대학교 박물관, 부산대학교 박물관 등의 대학박물관과 영남문화재연구원, 호남문화재연구원 등의 발굴 전문 기관을 포함하는 92개 기관 4,000여 권의 자료 구축
Search and view the original text and detailed bibliographic information of korean-anthology DB
Academic Search Complete (ASC)
Full-Text of 9,000 journals based on the index and abstract information of 14,000 overseas journals across the academic field
Academic Video Online (AVON)
Provides a single interface for over 70,000 scholarly, dedicated video streaming collections
In detail
13,000여 종의 해외 학술저널, 매거진, 2,000여 종의 해외 신문, 280만여 종의 해외 석박사 학위논문 원문 PDF와 480만여 종의 서지정보, 18만여 종의 해외 학술 전자책, 76,000여 개의 교육용 동영상을 단일 플랫폼에서 이용하려면 아래 URL로 접속
ProQuest One Academic 바로가기
AccessMedicine (구. Harrison's Online)
It provides medical students with the video resources, review questions, and major medical textbooks needed to learn basic science and perform Clerkship.
AccessON [OA]
It is an academic DB that allows you to conveniently search for open access papers around the world and use the original text for free.
ACM Digital Library (ACM Open)
It provides the original text of the computer engineering field.
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Original Text of Journal of Chemistry Published by American Chemical Society
American Institute of Physics Plus (AIP Plus)
It provides the original journal of physics, optics, and related fields published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
American Medical Association (AMA)(JAMA)
The original text of the journal provided by the American Medical Association (AMA) has been available since 1998.
In detail
JAMA : Journal of the American Medical Association
JAMA Dermatology
JAMA Internal Medicine
JAMA Neurology
JAMA Opththalmology
JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
JAMA Pediatrics
JAMA Psychiatry
JAMA Surgery
American Physical Society (APS)
Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, etc
American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
It provides original text for 16 journals published by ASM (American Society for Microbiology), the oldest and largest academic society in microbiology.
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
It provides the original text of five journals, including Journal of Clinical Oncology, published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
In detail
JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
JCO Precision Oncology
Journal of Clinical Oncology
Journal of Global Oncology
Journal of Oncology Practice
American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
Post 2021 content available in ASPB Journal
In detail
The Plant Cell (ISSN : 1040-4651) https://academic.oup.com/plcell
Plant Physiology (ISSN : 0032-0889) https://academic.oup.com/plphys
Annual Reviews
It provides review journals in all fields including natural sciences, biomedical sciences, physics, social sciences, and economics.
Artstor Digital Library
Archives offering approximately 300 collections of 2.5 million images of famous museums, scholars and artists
arXiv [OA]
Open access archives in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, economics, free to search for pre-published papers and access to original text.
It provides full-text of legal materials and Fach-News, including German law, precedents, annotations, handbooks, encyclopedias, legal magazines & journals, and forms.
In detail
C.H.Beck의 법률문서 및 C.H.Beck과 제휴관계에 있는 Verlag Franz Vahlen, Nomos Verlag, dtv(Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag), GRUR, IBR 등과 같은 동종의 독일법률 출판사의 문서를 함께 제공
Benezit Dictionary of Artists
Integrated data on the lives and works of artists.
Bentham Science Publishers Journals Full Collection
It offers a total of 120 journals in 27 fields, including pharmacology, drug design, drug metabolism, medicine, medical chemistry, and Alzheimer's disease.
BioMed Central (BMC) [OA]
It is the world's largest publisher of peer-reviewed Open Access journals and specializes in Biology, Life Science, and Medicine.
Books in Print (BIP)
It contains the latest bibliographic information, publisher information, book information, book reviews, and publication information to be published in six months.
Brill Journal Collection
It provides 314 texts and abstracts of journals in the fields of humanities and social sciences, international law and biology, etc.
British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Medical journal published by BMJ Publishing Group that profit organization of the British Medicine Association (BMA)
※ Available only within Pusan National University Hospital and Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital
In detail
2009~2015년도 자료 : BMJ Publishing Group의 30여종의 저널 이용가능 2016년도 자료 : BMJ, Acupuncture in Medicine 2종 이용가능
Business Source Complete (BSC)
It provides 30,000 full texts including business-wide academic journals such as management, economy, accounting, and finance, as well as national economic reports and industry reports.
Cambridge Journals Online
It Provides the original text of the academic journal published by Cambridge University Press.
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen
CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™ (CAS Analytical Methods™)
It contains more than 500,000 step-by-step analysis protocol data extracted from review papers and patents, and can check information on analytes, matrices, instruments, reagents, etc.
CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™ (CAS Formulus®)
It has more than 5 million formulations/pesticides records from review papers, patents, products registered with the U.S. FDA, etc., and can check ingredients, manufacturing processes, and regulatory information.
CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™ (CAS SciFinder-n)
Provide literature and patent information in all fields of science and technology, including chemical fields.
In detail
- 신규 회원 가입 페이지 바로가기
- 반드시 부산대학교 이메일(****@pusan.ac.kr)로 회원 가입 필요
- 기존 SciFinder Web에 저장된 자료를 SciFinder-n으로 한 번에 옮겨오는 방법은 [Migration 방법] 참고
- CAS Analytical Methods 바로가기
- CAS Formulus 바로가기
Cell Press
This is the most important collection of content in the field of life science, which is provided by ScienceDirect's electronic journal platform.
In detail
Cancer Cell
Cell Stem Cell
Current Biology
Molecular Cell
China Academic Journal CAJ with CDMD (TKN 출판사)
The largest Chinese database to provide electronic journals in Medicine/Literature·History·Philosophy.
E Series and F Series materials available.
In detail
- Medicine Web DB, Literature-History-Philosophy Web DB만 원문 이용 가능
(이용 가능한 경우 검색결과 우측 "옵션" 항목에서 "화살표(Download)"로 표기되며, 이용이 불가능한 경우 "자물쇠"로 표기됨)
- 정상적인 과정을 거쳐 교외접속을 했는데 '부산대학'이라고 나오지 않으면서 원문 열람 권한이 없다고 할 경우 CAJ 우측 상단의 Login 클릭 후 "IP Login"을 클릭하면 정상 인증됨
China Academic Journal CAJ with CDMD (Wanfang Data 출판사)
Provides over 8,000 Chinese Academic Journals(CAJ), Chinese Dissertations(CDMD), conference papers, laws and regulations, patents, and standards in all subject areas.
CINAHL Plus with Full Text
It provides information on nursing, nutrition, and health.
CiNii [OA]
It provides information retrieval and links to academic journals, degree papers, and books and magazines owned by universities in Japan.
It provides various clinical-related contents such as e-Book, Journal, Image, Video, Medicine, drug information, and clinical care guidelines
In detail
개인 ID 등록 후 이용 (단, ScienceDirect, Scopus에 ID가 있으면 바로 이용 가능)
It provides information on language, literature, geography, culture and arts, natural science, and technology science.
Cochrane Library
Systematic Reviews are available in the Evidence-based medicine field provided by The Cochrane Collection.
Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC)
More than 710 journal indexes/greens, and 420 journals in full text
Includes two popular bibliographic DBs such as CommSearch and Mass Media Articles Index
It provides 4,700 journals and about 3.9 million academic contents published by domestic academic and university research institutes.
DDOD (Digital Dissertations on Demand)
It provides the original Ph.D. thesis of the top universities in North America by 263 detailed academic fields.
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen.
De Gruyter e-Journal Complete Collection
Journals in the humanities and social sciences (HSS Collection), journals in science and technology, and journals in medicine (STM Collection) published by De Gruyter are available.
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) [OA]
Peer-reviewed open access journal database providing text from all topics.
It provides data on human anatomy (Dissection VOD) and reference images of anatomy.
eContents, which cover the entire "Human Organization" created jointly with the Korean Anatomy Society, utilize various multimedia tools such as e-Book, VOD, Image, Illustration, and Virtual Slide
Content that allows you to learn the three-dimensional structure of the brain step by step by organizing the entire course of neuroanatomy practice into high-definition videos
Early English Books Onlilne (EEBO)
Best Digital Archiving database containing most books published in the UK or in English
It provides the text of journals published by domestic academic societies and academic organizations in all fields.
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and provides a wide range of educational literature.
Education Source
It provides the largest bibliographic and original content in the field of pedagogy.
EIRIC (전자정보연구정보센터)
It provides research trend information, including various materials related to electronics/electricity, telecommunications, computers, and convergence fields.(Membership required)
Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological bibliographic database of published literature designed to support information managers and pharmacovigilance in complying with the regulatory requirements of a licensed drug.
In detail
논문 500건 이상 export 할 경우, embase 개인 계정 생성 필요(로그인 시 한 회당 1만건까지 export 가능)
Emerald eJournals (Operations, Logistics & Quality)
It provides academic materials in the fields of Operations, Logistics & Quality.
Emerald Engineering, Computing & Technology Collection (EECT)
It Provides abstracts and original texts of journals for professionals in engineering/computing/technology.
Emerald Specialist Collection (Accounting, Finance & Economics/ Education/ Health & Social Care/ Library Studies)
It Provides academic resources in Accounting, Finance & Economics / Education / Health & Social Care / Library Studies
Software that helps you manage and write references.
A British degree paper provided by the British Library
Gale Academic OneFile
It Provides text of major periodicals and reference publications around the world.
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
A digitalized eBook of Reference Books published by Gale Publishing.
Genetics in Medicine (2018년 이후 콘텐츠)
Journal of Medical Genetics and Genomics, published by The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG)
※ Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform provides access to content after 2018.
Genetics in Medicine (2021년 이전 콘텐츠)
Journal of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) published by The American College of Medical Genetics
※ Springer Nature's Nature platform provides pre-2021 content
Grove Art Online
Online materials based on 34 volumes of the World Art Dictionary "Grove Dictionary of Art (edited by Jane Turner)" that comprehensively examines visual arts.
Grove Music Online
In addition to the 29 volumes of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (second edition), it contains a variety of dictionaries that help research music such as jazz, opera, and musical instruments.
It contains texts on the Journal of Law and the U.S. Federal Register.
In detail
유명 법학저널 창간호~최근호(6개월에서 1~2년전)의 모든 기사에 대한 PDF 원문 수록
1981년 이전 자료를 커버리지로 하는 유일한 온라인 자료
It is the world's largest archive of social science survey data operated by a consortium of about 790 academic research institutes around the world, providing statistical data, survey data, etc
IEEE Electronic Library (IEL)
Provides 380 different journals and Processing, Standard in the field of electrical, electronic, and computer engineering published by IEEE
IOP (Institute of Physics)
An electronic journal specializing in physics that deals with detailed topics related to physics
Provides international standards issued by ISO, an international standardization organization.
A similarity test system for the prevention of plagiarism in the paper
An electronic journal platform for Japanese academic journals, administered by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
It supports the submission of manuscripts, peer‐reviewing, page‐layouting and dissemination of electronic journals published in Japan.
Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
Based on journals in SCIE and SSCI databases, it contains information from more than 300 publishers, 200 topics, and 12,000 journals around the world.
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS)
A high-quality journal in orthopedic surgery
JSTOR Archive
It provides a full text thesis of a core academic journal in various subject fields such as social science, humanities, mathematics, statistics, linguistics, and literature.
In detail
- Arts & Sciences I : 사회과학(경제, 정치학, 사회학) 인문학, 역사, 수학, 통계학, 생태학 등
- Language & Literature : 언어 및 문학
- Mathematics & Statistics Legacy : 수학 및 통계학
JSTOR Life Sciences / Arts & Sciences Ⅵ+XII Collection
It Provides academic journals in the humanities, social sciences and sciences that work with more than 57 worldwide publishers.
In detail
- Life Sciences Collection : 생태학, 식물학, 보존과학, 고생물학, 동물학, 일반과학, 역학, 간호학, 보건학 분야 자료 제공
- Arts & Sciences Ⅵ Collection : 국제적으로 주목받는 경제 저널, 국제 관계를 강조하는 정치학 저널, 50년 전 창간 된 8개의 타이틀로 이루어진 주요 교육학 저널 제공
- Arts & Sciences XII Collection : 전반적인 고등교육 수준을 아우르며 높은 사용량을 보이는 주제분야에 초점을 맞춘 법학, 정치학 및 교육학 분야 특화 컬렉션
More than 80 academic journals from Karger, a publishing company specializing in medical and life sciences
※ Available only within Yangsan and ARMY campuses
교외 접속 불가 매뉴얼
KCI 한국학술지인용색인 [OA]
A System for Analyzing Citation Relationships Between Korean Journal Information, Original Text, and References by DB
KIPRIS 특허정보검색서비스 [OA]
It provides information on domestic and foreign intellectual property rights held by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
It provides academic journals and research publications published by domestic academic societies and research institutes.
An engineering information solution that enables 120 academic societies and publishers to search materials, alternative property data, graphs, tables, books, construction cases, and officially provide answers as analysis tools
Korea Open Access Journals (KOAJ) [OA]
Korea Open Access Journals is the journal directory service that you can find journals and articles registered in KCI easily. It offers a variety of search methods so you can find the information you want quickly and accurately.
A database specializing in Korean studies provides more than 100 types of digital content throughout academic fields such as history, culture, environment, and health.
KoreaScience [OA]
It Provides academic information (original) in the fields of natural sciences, life sciences, engineering and humanities and social sciences.
KOSSDA 한국사회과학자료원 [OA]
It provides 2,600 survey data, 1,900 statistical data, 210 qualitative data, and related files (survey papers, codebooks, interview lists, etc.) in all fields of Korean social science.
In detail
간단한 회원가입 후 실시간 다운로드 방식으로 모든 자료 무료 이용 가능
KRM 기초학문자료센터 [OA]
Information on research achievements in the humanities and social fields supported by the Korea Research Foundation is provided through search systems by academic field, project, and type.
KRpia 한국의 지식콘텐츠
Korean classical materials, historical records, literature, etc
KS (한국산업표준)
Providing 70,000 national standards and KS certification standards for all industries
KSDC DB (Korean Social Science Data Center Data Bank)
It provides survey data and statistics for subject fields and various academic fields used in the field of social science.
Lexidrug (구. Lexicomp)
A pharmacological database
Lexis 360
It Provides information on French legislation.
Login required for first time access (see manual)
It Provides information such as U.S. Federal & State Cases, States, Codes, Journal, Review, Report, News & Business, etc
Lexis AsOne
It Provides information on Japanese laws and regulations.
Lexis China
Lexis China has many Chinese legal information such as laws and judicial precedents, in addition, covers highly practical content, such as commentaries, contract templates and more comprehensively.
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstract (LISTA)
It Provides information in the field of library and information science and information management.
LWW Premier Journals
It offers an archive of 34 key journals from the world's leading medical publisher, Lippincott Williams & Willkins (LWW).(to 2016)
LWW Total Access Collection (Ovid MEDLINE)
From 1998 to the present, It offers 294 excellent journals in medicine, health, and biology
In detail
Ovid MEDLINE 검색 기능을 통해 Systematic Review, Meta Analysis에 활용가능
(Ovid 접속 시, change 또는 변경을 눌러 Ovid MEDLINE 또는 ALL Resources 선택. 매뉴얼 참조)
MathSciNet (MSN)
It contains all of the contents of the journal Mathematical Reviews (MR) since 1940 along with an extensive author database, links to other MR entries, citations, full journal entries, and links to original articles.
MDPI provides over 400 Open Access journals in all subject areas.
A bibliographic management program that supports the management and writing of papers
In detail
※ 무료 계정 생성 : https://www.mendeley.com (ScienceDirect, Scopus 계정 소유 시 연동 가능)
Specialized database of medicines, healthcare, environmental and toxicity in use by medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, industrial sites and government agencies in 92 countries
MLA International Bibliography
It Provides bibliographic information on modern languages, literature, linguistics, folklore, and more.
MOAZINE Academic
a database that provides electronic magazines in all fields, including current events/economics/cultures/science
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen
Music and Dance Online
Total music package offering a wide range of genres of music
In detail
* 기존의 Dance in Video, Opera in Video 자료도 모두 이용 가능
It is the world's most famous scientific journal, and the original questionnaire on 24 different journals
NAXOS Music Library (낙소스 뮤직 라이브러리)
Massive classical music service, 5 concurrent users (inaccessible when exceeded)
In detail
• 스마트기기에서 이용하기 위하여 앱스토어 또는 구글플레이에서 "NML" 앱 설치 필요 • NML 앱에 로그인 후 이용 가능 (ID : pusanlibMM | PW : !pusanlibMM1)
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
The world's most prestigious medical journal
OAIster [OA]
It provides 30 million metadata and OA texts from organizations around the world.
OPTICA (구. Optical Society of America (OSA))
It Provides electronic journals and conference materials published by The Optical Society and Partner Society.
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Online version of Oxford English Dictionary
Oxford Reference Premium (ORP)
It offers a wide range of references published by Oxford University Press, from the humanities and social sciences to the medical sciences.
Oxford University Press (OUP)
The world's largest university publisher with a long history that began publishing in 1478
Periodicals Archive Online (PAO)
A database that was carefully selected by PAO for basic research in the field of humanities and social sciences in Korea.
Persée (Persée Portail)
Persée offers OpenAccess in French humanities.
A database that provides newspapers and magazines in more than 100 countries and 60 languages (including Korean).
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
Journal of the National Academy of Sciences. one of the world's most cited scientific serial publications
ProQuest Central
It provides overseas academic journals, magazines, national reports, industrial reports, market research materials, company reports, and overseas newspapers.
In detail
13,000여 종의 해외 학술저널, 매거진, 2,000여 종의 해외 신문, 280만여 종의 해외 석박사 학위논문 원문 PDF와 480만여 종의 서지정보, 18만여 종의 해외 학술 전자책, 76,000여 개의 교육용 동영상을 단일 플랫폼에서 이용하려면 아래 URL로 접속
ProQuest One Academic 바로가기
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT Global)
It provides PDFs and bibliographic information on overseas master's and doctorate papers from universities in more than 100 countries in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia.
In detail
13,000여 종의 해외 학술저널, 매거진, 2,000여 종의 해외 신문, 280만여 종의 해외 석박사 학위논문 원문 PDF와 480만여 종의 서지정보, 18만여 종의 해외 학술 전자책, 76,000여 개의 교육용 동영상을 단일 플랫폼에서 이용하려면 아래 URL로 접속
ProQuest One Academic 바로가기
ProQuest Historical Periodicals (PHP)
Archive collection consisting of continuous publications with high historical value as the first and second literature materials in the field of humanities and society
ProQuest Medical Library (PML)
PML provides medical expertise in NLM's MEDLINE-listed journals that select and provide only excellent journals.
ProQuest One Academic
ProQuest provides AVON (academic video), ProQuest Central (academic journal), PQDT Global (degree thesis), and ProQuest eBook Central (e-book) on a single platform.
In detail
개별 플랫폼에서 이용하려면 [학술DB] 메뉴를 이용하거나 아래 URL로 접속
1. 학술용 비디오: AVON 바로가기
2. 학술저널: ProQuest Central 바로가기
3. 학위논문: PQDT Global 바로가기
4. 전자책: ProQuest eBook Central 바로가기
More than 80 journals, including American Psychological Association (APA) publishing journals, provide full text for over 150,000 Articles
In detail
중앙도서관, 새벽벌도서관, 사회관, 성학관, 제1사범관, 제2교수연구동, 의생명과학도서관, 나노생명과학도서관에서만 이용 가능
단, 무선인터넷(PNU-WiFi 등)에서는 접속이 불가하며, 건물 내 설치된 PC에서 이용 가능
Public Library of Science (PLOS) [OA]
Open Access journal published by Public Library of Science (PLoS) is available (7 types of biotechnology and medicine)
PubMed [OA]
The latest medical bibliographic information service, including information from journals and papers in biochemistry, biotechnology and medicine, is provided free of charge by NCBI under the National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
Journal of Radiology and Radio Graphics
Web-based bibliography management software that supports automatic generation of references
※ Available after registering as a member on campus
RISS 학술연구정보서비스 [OA]
You can search for domestic and foreign degree papers and academic papers.
Rockefeller University Press
The full text of three academic journals published by Rockefeller University Press.
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
The original text of 56 journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is available.
SAFE 건전학술활동지원시스템
Support domestic researchers to carry out transparent and sound research culture and academic publishing activities in response to poor academic activities
SAGE Deep BackFile
SAGE offers BackFile in Science, Technology and Medicine (before 1998)
Science provides journals in Science / Science Signaling / Science Translational Medicine / Science Robotics.
ScienceDirect provides the text of academic journals in all subject areas.
In detail
반드시 도서관 홈페이지에 접속하여 로그인 후 ScienceDirect를 이용해야 합니다.
① 도서관 홈페이지 → 로그인 → 학술논문 : 논문 검색 후 이용
② 도서관 홈페이지 → 로그인 → 전자저널 : 저널 검색 후 이용
③ 도서관 홈페이지 → 로그인 → 학술DB : ScienceDirect 접속 후 이용
※ 즐겨찾기, 주소 직접 입력을 통한 ScienceDirect 접속 시 이용 불가
ScienceON [OA]
ScienceON provides the knowledge infrastructure needed by researchers in one place by linking and converging science and technology information, research data, information analysis services, and research infrastructure.
Research and performance analysis solutions based on Scopus
SCOAP3 Repository [OA]
고에너지 물리학 분야 우수 저널을 오픈액세스로 전환하는 글로벌 컨소시엄으로 리포지터리를 통해 SCOAP3 참여 저널 원문 무료 이용 가능
Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature – scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.
Sherpa/RoMEO [OA]
Open Access Service with Post-Print or Pre-Print
Archiving Policy is divided into 4 groups by publisher (Green, Blue, Yellow, White)
SocINDEX with FullText
SocINDEX with FullText provides indexes and abstracts of 5,778 overseas academic journals in the field of sociology/social welfare, and 857 journal texts.
※ Original text is available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the following day through RISS (http://riss.kr). / Click [해외전자정보서비스 바로가기] at the top right of the RISS main screen
Springer eJournal Archival Access
1,621 types of journals provided by Springer Publishing Co., Ltd. (different from the period of providing original texts by journal)
Statistics and data on business topics
T&F Medical Package (구. Informa Healthcare)
Since 1918, the T&F Medical Package has provided 170 peer-reviewed journals in pharmacy and medicine.
※ Available only within Yangsan and ARMY campuses
교외 접속 불가 매뉴얼
The Bone & Joint Journal (BJJ)
Journal of Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Medicine in general and sports medicine ※ Available only within Yangsan and ARMY campuses
교외 접속 불가
The Company of Biologists
The Company of Biologists provides original text on five different journals
In detail
- Development (https://journals.biologists.com/dev)
- Journal of Cell Science (https://journals.biologists.com/jcs)
- Journal of Experimental Biology (https://journals.biologists.com/jeb)
- Disease Models & Mechanisms (https://journals.biologists.com/dmm)
- Biology Open (https://journals.biologists.com/bio)
The New York Times
A digital version of the New York Times newspaper, a multi-platform news service that provides news articles, interactive videos, reviews and opinions, editorials, advertisements, blogs, photos, videos, and more.
In detail
* 개인계정 등록 필수
1. 회원가입용 웹페이지(nytimes.com/passes) 접속
2. 가입 시 소속기관 확인을 위해 부산대학교 이메일 주소(ex.****@pusan.ac.kr)로 계정 등록(학교 이메일만 사용 가능)
- 부산대학교 이메일 생성(https://webmail.pusan.ac.kr)
3. nytdirect@nytimes.com에서 발송한 메일에 링크를 클릭하여 계정 생성
4. 발급 받은 ID(이메일)와 도서관 홈페이지, nytimes.com, 모바일앱 등을 이용하여 로그인 후 이용
5. 패스워드를 잊어 버린 경우 https://nytimes.com/forgot/에 접속하여 이메일 입력 후 변경가능
The New York Times in Education
An online education platform created by The New York Times for students and professors.
It provides lecture materials such as case studies and learning questions that professors and students need.
In detail
* 개인계정 등록 필수
1. 회원가입용 웹페이지(https://nytimesineducation.com/register) 접속
2. 가입 시 소속기관 확인을 위해 부산대학교 이메일 주소(ex.****@pusan.ac.kr)로 계정 등록(학교 이메일만 사용 가능)
- 부산대학교 이메일 생성(https://webmail.pusan.ac.kr)
3. nytdirect@nytimes.com에서 발송한 메일에 링크를 클릭하여 계정 생성
4. 발급 받은 ID(이메일)와 도서관 홈페이지, nytimes.com, 모바일앱 등을 이용하여 로그인 후 이용
5. 패스워드를 잊어 버린 경우 https://nytimes.com/forgot/에 접속하여 이메일 입력 후 변경가능
The Vogue Archive
The Vogue Archive contains the entire run of Vogue magazine (US edition) from 1892 to the present day, reproduced in high-resolution color page images.
The Wall Street Journal (Academic Partnership Program)
The most influential daily newspaper in the world, including the United States, with a focus on economic and business news.
In detail
* 개인계정 등록 필수
1. 회원가입용 웹페이지(https://partner.wsj.com/enter-redemption-code/K06834BQ8426) 접속
2. 가입 시 소속기관 확인을 위해 부산대학교 이메일 주소(ex.****@pusan.ac.kr)로 계정 등록(학교 이메일만 사용 가능)
- 부산대학교 이메일 생성(https://webmail.pusan.ac.kr)
- 회원정보 입력 후 'Send Verification Email' 버튼 선택
3. Wall Street Journal에서 발송한 메일링크를 클릭하여 ID/PW 재입력 후 계정등록 완료
4. 등록된 계정으로 https:/www.wsj.com에서 이용(PC, 모바일, 태블릿 모두 이용 가능)
5. 모바일앱 다운로드 방법
- Playstore 또는 App Store 방문 > Wall Street Journal 검색 > WSJ App 설치 후 등록한 ID/PW 로그인 후 이용 가능
TKC Law Library
Best Japanese legal database to provide Japanese laws, precedents, journals, literature, etc
TS2000 is a solution that allows you to easily extract corporate information necessary for financial analysis, future financial estimation, and predictive analysis of a company.
Turnitin (턴잇인)
Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism detection service run by the American company Turnitin, LLC, a subsidiary of Advance Publications.
Ulrichsweb is an easy to search source of detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals (also called serials) of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more.
It is an evidence-based clinical decision support system through the American Medical Community and web-based device.
In detail
교외에서 이용을 원할 경우
1. 회원 가입 후 이용 가능 (회원 가입은 반드시 교내 IP 대역에서 해야 함)
2. 90일마다 회원 정보 갱신 필요
Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas
Human Anatomy Atlas offers 3D regional and systemic views of the human body. It also includes virtual cadaver dissections, and modules for muscle actions and microanatomy to see smaller anatomical structures not visible to naked eye.
In detail
PC, Laptop, MAC의 사양에 따라 실행이 원할 하지 않거나 실행이 되지 않을 수 있습니다.
요구되는 권장 사양은 아래와 같습니다.
1. 브라우저 : Firefox, Chrome, Safari (11 버전 또는 이후)
2. 운영체제 : 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 | Mac OS X 10.10 또는 이후
3. 메모리 : 2GB RAM
4. 비디오 카드 : 64MB 이상 독립(권장) 또는 온보드 비디오 카드
5. 저장 공간 : 95MB 이상
6. 네트워크 : 30Mbps 속도 권장
Web of Science (WoS)
WoS is a paid-access platform that provides (typically via the internet) access to multiple databases that provide reference and citation data from academic journals, conference proceedings, and other documents in various academic disciplines.
Westlaw is an online legal research service and proprietary database for lawyers and legal professionals available in over 60 countries
Wiley Essential Online Reference Works
It is an online encyclopedia published by Wiley and consists of 16 titles representing the subject fields such as chemistry, polymers, statistical electrical and electronics, life sciences, linguistics, and geography.
Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library is a subscription-based library of John Wiley & Sons that launched on August 7, 2010
It is a collection of online resources covering life, health, and physical sciences as well as social science and the humanities.
It is an online patent database that can search for patents worldwide.
In detail
회원가입 방법 안내
- 교내 PC를 통해 회원가입 (교내 IP 대역 내에서 회원가입 가능)
- [인증]은 부산대학교 이메일 계정(***@pusan.ac.kr)으로만 가능