Media Production Room

Media production/editing rooms can be booked through the seat assignment app (PNU place).


  • You can make a reservation once a day (up to 4 hours), and you can make a reservation within 7 days (not included on the day of reservation).
  • The reservation will be completed only after 15 minutes to 15 minutes before the reservation time at the early morning bee library kiosk. The reservation will be cancelled upon non-authentication processing.
  • Failure to authenticate until 15 minutes after the reservation time will result in bankruptcy and future media production/editing room reservations may be restricted.
  • Please receive the key at the information desk before using the media production/editing room.
    ※ Unauthorized use of the media production/editing room (other than intended) may restrict library use.
Media Production Room
  • Create lectures, promotions, and personal media content
  • Equipment: computer, DSLR camera, chroma key screen (typical screen), top lighting
Media Editing Room  1
  • Photoshop CS6(Kor ver.), Premiere Pro CS6(Eng ver.), Illustrator CS6(Eng ver.)
Media Editing Room  2
  • Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, Illustrator CC