Dean of Libraries · Director of Branches

Name Profile Office Tel. E-MAIL
Dean of Libraries Lee, Yongjae Current Professor of Library, Archives and Information Studies at PNU / Current Dean of PNULs 051-510-
Director of
Biomedical Science Library
Oh, Seok Current Professor of Preliminary Medicine at PNU / Current Director of Biomedical Science Library 055-360-
Director of
Law Library
Oh, Jungjin Current Professor of Law at PNU / Current Director of Law Library 051-510-
Director of
Nano-Life Science Library
Cho, Sunggeun Current Professor of Animal Science at PNU / Current Director of Nano-Life Science Library 055-350-

Division of Information Development

Name Task Office Tel. E-MAIL
Director Shin, Juyoung Total resposibility of Resource Management Section 051-510-
Kim, Jungyi Total resposibility of Team 1805 e-mail
Park, Seonhwa Selection and purchase of science and technology books in Korea and in the West 1399 e-mail
Seo, Soyoung
Data donation, data exchange management
1803 e-mail
Moon, Minji
Establish and manage electronic data subscription plans
1863 e-mail
Kim, Yukyung Selection and purchase of domestic and Western books 7600 e-mail
Cataloging Management Son, Sungdong Total resposibility of Team 1823 e-mail
Cho, Hyunju Establishment of KDCP classification data bibliography database 1825 e-mail
Oh, Yohwan Arrangement of Domestic books 1808 e-mail
Cho, Hyojung Organizing e-books and books abroad 1811 e-mail
Shin, Bohye Arrangement of Domestic books 1825 e-mail
Jung, Youngju Arrangement of overseas books, non-books, and serials 1807 e-mail
Kang, Seolhye Arrangement of Domestic books 3563 e-mail
& Public
Jeon, Taekyung Total resposibility of Team 1810 e-mail
Byeun, Ahyoung Library planning lectures 1309 e-mail
Shin, Nan Library planning exhibition 1857 e-mail
Heo, Eunjeong Development and promotion of library promotion projects 1820 e-mail
Kim, Miseon Total resposibility of Team 1831 e-mail
Lee, Sohyeon Management of Homepage & Mobile app 1306 e-mail
Jin, Hanryong Management of computer systems and DBMS 1832 e-mail
Administration Support Nam, Kihong Total resposibility of Team 1830 e-mail
Jeon, Sungu Contract work, Material & Facility management 1802 e-mail
Choi, Yongmin Budget Management, Accounting work 1829 e-mail
Shin, Seonhwa Service management 1822 e-mail

Division of Information Managment

Name Task Office Tel. E-MAIL
Director Hong, Sungchul Total resposibility of Information Services 051-510-
Information Services Central Library Kang, Jungyong Total resposibility of Team 1310/1800 e-mail
Lee, Eunhye
Borrow of the Central Library
1308 e-mail
Management and operation of iCOMMONS in Central Library 7712 e-mail
Son, Dayoung Return of the Central Library 1301 e-mail
Saebyeokbeol Library Baek, Sunwoong Management, loan, and return of the preservation library of the Saebyeokbeol Library 1303 e-mail
Shin, Donggyu Management, loan, and return of the preservation library of the Saebyeokbeol Library 1304 e-mail
Collection Management Choi, Duksoo Total resposibility of Team 1821 e-mail
Kim, Jinyoung Interlibrary Borrow 1815 e-mail
FRIC 3102 e-mail
Yoon, Hyunhee Management monographs of Literature&Arts 1302 e-mail
Jung, Hyeseung Management monographs of the Humanities&Social Studies 1307 e-mail
Services Management Choi, Minyoung Total resposibility of Team 1862 e-mail
Choi, Minyoung
Management Rare books&Archival Collections
1824 e-mail
Kang, Taekyu
Book curation planning and operationehtj
1872 e-mail
Kim, Miji
Promotion of library special exhibition
1814 e-mail
Research Information Support Kim, Wangjong Total resposibility of Team 1305 e-mail
Kang, Seungil Planning, development and operation of Libguides 3287 e-mail
Park, Kyungseok Operation of Integrated Research Performance Analysis Service 1032 e-mail
Lee, Seongyeon Development and operation of library use education programs 3159 e-mail
Song, Jaehak Research Performance Analysis and Service Planning for Graduate Students 1817 e-mail
Hwang, Seonghui KCI Paper Data Management and Construction 1040 e-mail
Biomedical Science Library Jung, Gaesoo Total responsibility of Biomedical Science Library Science Library works 8138 e-mail
Noh, Kyungeun Biomedical Science User education, research, and learning support 8148 e-mail
Kim, Songa Biomedical Science Library planning exhibition 8137 e-mail
Law Library Kim, Kyungsook Total resposibility of Law Library work 1579 e-mail
Heo, Sungkyung Borrow/return service 1583 e-mail
Cho, Hyojung Legal Research and Learning Support and Recommendation of Materials 1811 e-mail
Nano-Life Science Library Jung, Jaehoon Total resposibility of Nano&Life Science Library work 055-350
Baek, Sooyeon Research and provision of information on academic information to support research and learning 055-350

Medical Information Commons(Ami Campus)

Name Task Office Tel. E-MAIL
Medical Information
Commons(Ami Campus)
Lee, Gahyun Inter-campus data borrowing 051-240-