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Library Closed and Service Information Due to Corona19

In accordance with the government’s strong social distancing policy to prevent and block corona spread,
Please understand that the Pusan University Library extend the closure as follows.

■ Closed period:  2020. 4. 6. (Mon) ~ Until further notice

The entire library is closed, including the Central Library, SaeByeokBeol Library, each branch (Law, Med, Nano), and the Mirinae Reading Room.

■ How to use the library during the closing period

[Online Book Loan]

  • Period : 2020. 4. 6. (Mon) ~ Until further notice
  • For current students, Faculty and Membership(except Basic)
  • Application : Books available for borrowing from the PNU Library’s (Up to 5 books)
  • How to apply : Search → Detail Information → Select the ‘V'(Preservation) icon
  • How to pick up : Within  2Days after receiving the SMS
    ※ If not received within the period, the loan will be canceled.
    ※ If you cancel more than 3 times, you cannot apply for online loan
    ※ Send SMS – 3 times a day(11:00, 14:00, 16:00)
  • Pick up time : Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Pick up location : Entrance to the 1F  gate of Central Library

[Inter-Campus Loan]
•  Inquiry : Return desk on 1st Floor of the Central Library

[Pause reservation service]
•  Reservation of loan books will be suspended during the closing period.

[Loan extension and return]
During the closure period, the return date of books scheduled to be returned is postponed to 4.27 (Mon).
– Recommended to return through unmanned return machine and registered mail.
– Address
Kor: (46241) 부산광역시 금정구 부산대학로 63번길 2 부산대학교 중앙도서관 1층 자료반납담당자 (☎ 051-510-1301)
Eng: (46241) 2, Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Pusan National University Central Library 1F (☎ 051-510-1301)

My Library

Dissertation Submission Guide

Submission of Dissertation file Online

  • Submission Period : 2020. 1. 20.(Mon) ~ 2. 5(Wed)
    EXtended : ~2020.2.12(Wed) ※ Additional extention is NOT planned
  • Inquiry about Online File : 051-510-1832, 1817
  • Confirmation of composition and preparation method of Dissertation : Writing guide
  • Submission Site : http://dcollection.pusan.ac.kr
  • Submit manual : Download
  • Detail View : Notice

Submit a hard copy of the Dissertation

  • 2020. 2. 6.(Thu)  9 : 30 am ~  5 : 30 pm (Only on that day)
  • Inquiry about Hard copy of the Dissertation : 051-510-7600 (Collection development part of Library)
  • Inquiry about thesis standard and graduation : 051-510-1901 (Graduate school Administrative office)
  • Confirmation of composition and preparation method of thesis : Refer to  Writing guide
  • Number of submissions : ‘3’ (Graduate School of Law ‘4’) / When online file is not submitted, ‘1’ additional submission
  • Detail View : Notice

법학도서관 이용 안내

분관도서관 홈페이지를 개편 중에 있습니다. 개편되는 동안 법학도서관 스터디룸은 중앙에서 신청해 주세요.

도서관 데이터베이스 안정화 작업으로 인해 다음과 같이 도서관 서비스를 일시 중단하오니 이용자 여러분들의 양해 부탁드립니다.

작업일시 : 2018년 6월 16일(토) 13시 ~ 14시
서비스 중단 내용 : 도서관 홈페이지(모바일 앱 포함), 로그인, 교외접속, 자동화기기(자동반납기, 출입게이트, 좌석배정기)

Reading Room Seat Usage Status

Library Hours

Locations Library Reading room
Weekdays Saturday Year-round
Busan Campus Central Library During the semester
Mon-Thu 09:00 ~ 21:00
Fri 09:00 ~ 18:00

During vacation
09:00 ~ 18:00

SaeByeokBeol Library 06:00~23:00
※ Exam period 05:00~24:00
(Reading Room 1 : open 24/7)
Law Library 06:00~24:00
Mirinae Reading Room 06:00~23:00
※ Exam period 05:00~24:00
Yangsan Campus Medicine and Life Science Library 09:00~21:00 1st~ 2nd Floors
Milyang Campus Nano & Life Science Library 09:00~18:00 07:00~23:00
※ Exam period: open 24/7
Reading Room 3 : open until 02 a.m. the next day

Quick Requests

Ask us to buy it

  • Service : This is a request that the library buy an item that we do not hold in our collection, or have on order.
  • Target : professors, instructors, graduates, undergraduates (There’s a application limit by individuals)
  • Request: 051-510-1803 / Central Library 1st floor Collection Development Team

To Apply

Interlibrary Loan Service(ILL)

Ask us to copy domestic & international original text.

  • Service : If you don’t have some materials in our library, you can copy it from our cooperated domestic and overseas libraries.
  • Target: Students and Staffs of PNU
  • Request: 051-510-1815 / Central Library 1st floor iCOMMONS

To Apply

FRIC(Foreign Research Information Center)

Ask us to copy from overseas academic journal support center

  • Service: Collections of foreign journals in the technical sciences field(architectural, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering) are provided free to all researchers.
  • Target: members of PNU, general users
  • Request: 051-510-3102 / Central Library 4th floor Serial publication room

To Apply

Inter-Campus Loan

Ask us to loan campus to campus

  • Service: If you do not have the materials you want in your campus library or in case of all of them are borrowed, you can borrow other campus materials.
  • Target: those who got membership to have right to lend materials
  • Request:051-510-1308 / Central Library 1st floor, Circulation desk

To Apply

Membership Apply(Alumni/Citizen)

Ask us to sign up as a general users.

  • Service: As a member of the PNU Library, you can use various services. Service periods, costs, and ranges available for each member are different and must be confirmed before applying.
  • Target:
    • Hyowon member (PNU Alumni and  Completion student)
    • General members (Local citizens, membership holders)
    • Access member(Alumni within 5 years after graduation)
  • Request: 051-510-1308 / Central Library 1st floor, Circulation desk

To Apply

Use Library as a Leave of absence/Researchers

Ask us to use Library as a Student on a leave of absence/Researchers

  • Service: As a Student on a leave of absence at the PNU and Researchers, you can use various services by applying for.
  • Target: Student on a leave of absence at the PNU and Researchers
  • Request: 051-510-1308 / Central Library 1st floor, circulation desk

To Apply

Use Instruction

Ask us to apply for Library Use Instruction

  • Service: Undergraduate freshmen Library instruction, Data using instruction, Academic journal DB instruction, Thesis writing instruction, Customized instruction
  • Target:
    • Library instruction: Freshmen
    • Data using instruction: Members of PNU (undergraduates, graduates and membership holders of PNU)
    • Academic journal DB instruction, Special lecture for thesis writing instruction, Customized instruction, etc.
  • Request: 051-510-3159 / Central Library 3rd floor, Research Support Services Team


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Central Library Loan/Return 051-510-1308 psh8585@pusan.ac.kr
SaeByeokBeol Library Loan/Return 051-510-1303 okican78@pusan.ac.kr
Dojawi(Library Autonomy Committee) 051-510-3326 Dojawi Cafe