Interlibrary Borrow

Target of Use

  • Target of User : Enrolled student and Faculty
  • Target of Materials
Type Scope of offer Note
Monographs Partial copy available (not full copy)
Thesis/Dissertation Copy available
Apply after confirming whether the original problem is shared by the website of the issuing organization, the National Assembly Library, and the KERIS
Series Apply by Article

How to apply

1. Check if our library materials are in possession.
  • Search the status of the data collection and the original text using “search for data in the catalog” or “search for electronic data”
  • Use printed copies or electronic journals directly if you have one
  • For information on the use of the National Assembly/National Library, use iCOMMONS on the 1st floor of the Central Library and designated PCs of each branch office 국회/국립중앙도서관 자료 이용 안내 바로가기
2. Materials not in our library

2-1. Apply directly from the website of the domestic partner organization

  1. Membership (Select institutional users → Settings: Pusan National University Library) KERIS (RISS) KISTI (ScienceON)
  2. Information Retrieval: Search for data on that site
  3. Application: Copy original text and loan application
  4. Arrival: Notification of arrival of data by e-mail and SMS
  5. Receiving: Receiving data after payment of expenses


2-2. Apply directly from the site for foreign partner organizations

중국 대학도서관 소장자료 복사서비스(CALIS)
– Search for materials in the university library in China and provide original copy service

  1. Joining KERIS (RISS) (Selecting users of institutions → Setting: Pusan National University)
  2. Search and apply for information
    Method 1) KERIS → Overseas Electronic Data Search → China University Collection Data (CALIS)
    Method 2) KERIS → Japanese/Chinese/European Materials
  3. Arrival: Notification of arrival of data by e-mail and SMS
  4. Receipt: Receiving data after payment of expenses Receiving data after payment of expenses
    – Cost of Japanese materials : ¥35~50/page + Korean won cash equivalent to postage
    – Cost of Chinese materials : Base ¥10 + ¥2/page + Korean won cash equivalent to postage
  • Application through Library Website/E-Mail
    – If data doesn’t have in RISS and Science ON, you can apply to our library website or e-mail Go to Apply Apply by E-mail

Receive Materials

Procedures for Receiving materials
  1. Email and SMS notification upon arrival of materials
  2. Users visit the information desk of the continuous publication room of the Science and Technology Museum on the 4th floor of the Central Library
  3. Receipt of materials after settlement of usage fee (copy fee, postage, etc.) (cash payment)
  4. There may be restrictions on the use of the library if it is not received for more than 30 days after receiving the notification of the arrival of the materials
Available time to receive materials
  • Weekdays: 09:00 to 18:00 (Please contact us separately if you need to receive it after 18:00)
  • Receiving materials not available on Saturdays/holidays
  • Costs and duration vary depending on the type of data or the organization in which the materials are collected


KERIS(RISS) Materials
Type How to Receive Fee Postage Period required Note
Copy text General Mail ₩70/pg, ₩50/pg ₩1,300/case 4~7day Copy fee ₩50~70 for each agency
Special Mail ₩70/pg, ₩50/pg ₩3,000/case 2~4day Copy fee ₩50~70 for each agency
Send to agency ₩100/pg 1~2day
FAX (Under 10pg) ₩200/pg 1~2day
Borrow monograph Parcel Service ₩5,340 2~3day Period: 21days/Late fee : \500 per day
KISTI(ScienceON) Materials
Type Fee Period required Note
Jouranla ₩1,500 (1~10p)
₩2,000 (11pgs or more)
General Mail 4~7 Days
Express Mail 2~4 Days
E-transmission 1~2 Days
General Mail, E-transmission is the same fee
(but, when use Express mail, + ₩2,500)
Thesis/Dissertation, Research Report ₩7,500 (1~50p)
Over 50pg, +₩2,500/50pg


  • When electronic transmission is selected, it is provided as an output of the data to the user
  • When applying, accurately fill in the mobile phone and e-mail address in the membership information
  • Compliance with copyright laws when using services
  • Where data lent through mutual loan services is lost or damaged, compensation shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the relevant institution

Ask a Librarian

  • Information desk of the Series office of the Collection Management on the 4th floor of the Central Library ☎ 051-510-1815
  • Information desk on the 1st fllor of the Medicine&Life Science Library ☎ 051-510-8148