Using PC

  • Space for PCs and IT equipment installed within iCOMMONS
Library Num of PCs Available Time Notes
Central Library 15 Weekdays: During the semester 09:00-21:00
During the exam 05:00-24:00
During the vacation 09:00-18:00
Saturday : 09:00-13:00
12 PCs for search and video lectures and document editing
3 PCs dedicated to the National Assembly Library
Saebyeokbeol Library 6 6 PCs for search and video lessons
Law Library 16 Weekdays: During the semester09:00 to 21:00
During the vacation 09:00 ~ 18:00
Saturday 09:00 ~ 13:00
8 PCs on the 4th Floor(one dedicated to the National Assembly Library)
8 PCs on the 5th Floor
Medicine&Life Science Library 30 Weekdays 9:00 ~ 24:00 30 PCs for search and video lectures and document editing
2 PCs dedicated to the National Assembly Library
Scan and Copy: Using the Copy Room in iCOMMONS
* Copy Room: 051-510-8109
Nano&Life Science Library 23 Weekdays During the semester 9:00 ~ 21:00
During the vacation 9:00 ~ 18:00
7 PCs on the 2nd Floor
13 PCs on the 3rd Floor(one dedicated to the National Assembly Library)
3 PCs for book search only
Target of User
  • Students and faculty members (Only those who are on leave can use the library)
  • Available only to users with borrow rights
How to Use
  • If PC is empty, log in from PC and get it right away without a reservation process

    ※ ID : Student Number or Faculty Number / Pw : Student’s Portal or PIP PW

  • PC can be used for 2 hours for one login, extension can be used once (up to 4 hours per day per person)


Target of Use
  • Available User : incumbent faculty members, instructors giving lectures for the relevant year, undergraduate students, and graduates
    ※ However, graduates can use it after accessing the website of the information service headquarters ( http://itc.pusan.ac.kr ) and applying at [service usage information > application service > wireless Internet application (graduates)]
  • Information Technology Center Help Desk ☎ 051-510-2000


Mobile Library

It provides a library homepage screen optimized for various mobile devices,
provides the same menus and services as PC.

Download the library app and install it to use it, or access the homepage from a web browser built into your mobile device to see it as an optimized size.

How to Installation and Login
  1. Open the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (IOS).
  2. Install and run the ‘부산대학교 도서관‘ application.
    ※ Library can also be used as a mobile student ID card for ‘Pusan University Smart Campus’
  3. Login through the ‘Menu > LOGIN’ button at the top.
How to authenticate a mobile license
  1. Click the license icon (right of the home button) at the bottom.
  2. Click the ‘인증하기’ button.
    ※ The authentication number will be sent via Kakao Talk or text message, and you can use your mobile license as soon as the authentication process is completed.
    ※ If you use an older version of the application, you may not receive the authentication number smoothly. Please use the ‘Busan University Library New’ app.