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Mobile devices are available for humanities video courses such as philosophy, literature, culture and arts, humanities culture, music, and art
Online courses in IT
Civil servants, employment/self-development courses.
You can use it after logging in to the library website.
The latest online courses include language, civil servants (level 7, level 9, police), employment, certificates, money, and IT.
Mobile devices are available (see the notice on the learning site).
You can use it after logging in to the library website.
Imaging data related to anatomy, epigenetics, histology, etc
It provides a variety of learning materials covering human histology.
Content that allows you to learn the three-dimensional structure of the brain step by step by organizing the entire course of neuroanatomy practice into high-definition videos
MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, which is an open online learning process.
Courses available only for students in the classroom were transformed into auditable online video lectures.
At present, the courses have been completed with interactive learning processes such as Q&A discussions, quizzes, and assignment submission
A service that provides free lecture videos and lecture materials released by domestic and foreign universities and institutions
· 산학협력단 제공
· MATLAB, Simulink 기초~심화 과정부터 AI, 머신러닝, 딥러닝, 영상처리, 신호처리, 수학 및 최적화 강의
· @pusan.ac.kr, @pnu.ac.kr 이메일 계정으로 로그인(회원가입) 후 이용
· 이용기간: 2023.3 ~ 2024.2.
· 이용문의: 정보화본부 교육연구지원팀(T. 510-7487), 헬프데스크(교내 2000)
AI, 머신러닝, 딥러닝, 영상처리, 신호처리, 수학
It provides information on anatomy, physiology, muscles, skeletons, and circulatory systems through 3D models, animations, quizzes, and augmented reality.