Reference management

Main Function

‣ Collection and management of reference materials
– Bibliography information collection, creation, management (editing), classification (folder), original PDF management, etc.

‣ Create citation and bibliography lists
– Insert and manage citation information in the text and create a list of references


  • Supported programs: Hangul (2014, 2018, etc.), Microsoft Word (2016, etc.)
  • Shortcuts

Go to  RefWorks  Create a RefWorks account RefWorks User Guide(ENG)



  • Supported program: Microsoft Word (2016, etc.)
  • Installation file

You are not logged in. You must log in to download the installation file.
※ For Windows, you need to install the downloaded compressed file after saving and unzipping it on your PC.

  • How to use

How to use EndNote(manual) Main func. of EndNote 21
How to use EndNote 1(video) How to use EndNote 2(video) EndNote User Guide(ENG)


  • Supported program: Microsoft Word (2016, etc.)
  • Shortcut and Installation file

Go to Mendeley Web  Download Desktop ver.
※ Web version and desktop version (PC installation) available

  • How to use

How to use  Mendeley(manual) How to use Mendeley 1(video) How to use Mendeley 2(동영상)


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