Provide Fulltext

Target of Use

  • Target of user : Professors, instructors, and graduate students who are in office or in school
  • Target Materials : A printed journal article in the library
  • Scope of offer : Provide the original text of an journal

How to apply

  1. Access and login to the library website
  2. Check the collection information of academic journals by searching the catalog data
  3. Apply by clicking the button on the bottom of the cover image of the detailed book information or the  button on the additional function of the acquisition information and the collection information
    Make sure to enter contacts and emails in My Library > Privacy Management
  4. You cannot apply for the Law Library collection library

How to use

  • Process once a day : As of 10:00 a.m., the application data will be processed on the same day. Subsequent application data will be processed on the next day
  • Send a URL link to view the original text of the material you applied for by email.


  • Transmitted URL links can only be viewed and printed within the campus IP

Ask a Librarian

  • Central Library : Kim, Jinyeong ☎051-510-1813
  • Biomedical Science Library : Noh, Gyeongeun ☎051-510-8148
  • Nano-Life Sciecne Library : Baek, Sooyeon ☎055-350-5212