Using Resources


Number of books and period available for borrows
User status Item Limit Borrow periods
Faculty · Faculty(PNUH) · Instructor 60 items 90days
Emeritus professor · Assistant · Staff · PostDoc. · Intern · Resident · Staff(PNUH) 30 items 60days
Graduate student · Thesis-free degree course · Master Completion Researcher · ABD 30 items 30days
Self-Employee 10 items 60days
Enrolled Undergraduate Students 15 items 14days
Student on Leave of Absence(Undergraduate, Graduate) · Student on Research course 5 items 14days
Preferred member · Faculty on Leave of Absence 5 items 30days
Hyowon member · General member 5 items 10days
  • Students on leave of absence and faculty and staff on leave must apply to use the library.
  • The borrow period is calculated including Saturday, holidays, and library closing days.
    ※ If the expected return date is Saturday, a public holiday, or a library closed, the next opening date shall be automatically processed.
  •  Employment Support Materials
    – Borrowing period is 10 days and can be made through an automatic loan machine.
    ※ Reservation, Borrow Extension and re-borrow the same day after return are not allowed
  • Thesis(Dissertation)
    – It is owned by the Nano-Life Science Library, so it can be used through inter-campus book borrow services on campuses except Miryang Campus, and the borrow period is 3 days.
    * If an online text is available, we recommend that you browse the web. (dcollection or  Detail > 전자정보 > Link)
The use of an automatic borrow machine
  • Recognize your ID card(smart student ID card or library card) or mobile ID card to mobile reader.
  • Follow the instructions on the automatic borrow machine screen to process the borrow.
  • The password is the same as the student portal(or business portal) password, and the initial password must be changed.
    ※ Changing the password can be on Student’s portal or Business portal(for faculty, staff)
  • After processing the borrow, the output of the borrow confirmation certificate is recommended.
    ※ The certificate can be checked, such as the place, the date, the borrower ID, the registration number, and the expected return date of the borrow book.
 Cases where the automatic borrow machine is unavailable
  • Exceeds the number of available books to borrow
  • Having overdue books
  • Unpaid the late fee
  • Do not have a student ID or library card
  • Attached materials can only be borrowed at the desk on the first floor
  • Since May 1, 2012, ‘Return service of other branches’ has been implemented for user convenience.
    ※ Return service of other branches : A service that can be returned from any branch regardless of the branch where the materials are borrowed
    However, when returning other branch materials, it must be returned through the borrow/return desk.(Automatic return machine is not available, However, the central library automatic return machine is available)
    ※ Materials returned by other branches cannot be re-borrow on the same day after returning them.
  • Those who are scheduled to graduate must return the materials they borrowed 10 days before graduation
    ※ But, if the head of the library deems it necessary, such as suspension, expulsion, leave of absence, graduation, etc., he/she shall return it even before the deadline
Use the borrow/return desk
  • Separate the data to be returned and submit it to the return counter
    ※ If the accompanying data is returned by inserting it into the return book, the data of the accompanying data (for diskettes or CDs) will be lost during the return process
  • Make sure to check the return process through the monitor
Use and location of automatic return machine
  • Busan(Jangjeon-dong) Campus : The entrance of the Central Library, the entrance of the Saebyeokbeol Library, and the 4th floor of the Law Library
    ※ If a borrowed book is reserved, return it to the exclusive return machine for reserved books (near the entrance of the Central library)
  • Yangsan Campus : The entrance of the Medicine&Life Science Library
  • Miryang Campus : Nano&Life Science Library 1st Floor Lobby
Compensation for lost/damaged materials
  • If the borrowed book is lost or damaged, compensation shall be made with the same book.
  • If the same materials cannot be obtained, compensation shall be made with materials of similar topics in accordance with library regulations.
  • Data organization expenses required for processing reimbursement documents are added separately.
    ※ 1,000 won for organizing the same documents, 4,000 won for organizing similar documents
  • If the data is lost, a late fee will continue to be charged until the data compensation is completed, so it must be compensated to the library as soon as possible.
  • Reparations for lost/damaged data are handled by the borrow/return desk of the library where the data is borrowed.
Information on sanctions for late books and non-payment of late fees
  • Suspension of borrow and no extension
  • Restricting the issuance of various certificates
    ※ The late fee is 100 won per book per day
Extension of Book Loan Period
  • Borrowed materials can be extended twice.
    However, Employment Support Materials and books with reservations cannot be extended.
  • Extended by the loan period from the date of application for extension.
How to extend
  • Using the Library Website Menu [My Library] → [Borrowed Books]
    ※ Click the [Extend] button on the right side of the material you want to extend your loan after logging in
    ※ But if the scheduled return date has passed, there is an overdue book, or another user makes a reservation for the relevant data, it cannot be extended
Serviceable Materials
  • Monographs in the Central Library
Service Guide
  • A system in which data borrowed by another user is reserved in advance
  • Once the materials are returned, priority borrows can be made according to the order of reservation.
How to make a reservation
  • Search the book on the homepage and click the   button on the collection information to make a reservation
  • Email and SMS notification when the book has returned
  • Visit the Central library’s borrowing/return desk for borrows
  • Number of books available for reservation per person: 3 books
  • Up to 3 people can be booked per book
  • Waiting period after notification of return of reservation books (e-mail, SMS): 3 days (including the day of notification)
  • Booking service is not available for 30 days if the number of non-loan books is more than 3 times (or 3 books)
Depository of the Saebyeokbeol Library
  • The Saebyeokbeol Library has a low utilization rate and houses old books and periodicals.
  • The depository of the Saebyeokbeol Library is operated on a reservation basis.
  • After the librarian finds the requested materials, the librarian will notify you via email and KakaoTalk (or SMS)
How to borrow Monographs
  • Library website → Data search → Data name → Click button on the collection information service item
  • If you receive the Notification(<보존서고 신청도서 선반비치 알림>) by e-mail, KakaoTalk, or SMS of the requested data, visit the borrowing/return desk on the 1st floor of the Saebyeokbeol library for a borrow.
  • The book preparation time is as follows, and application materials after 17:00 Monday to Thursday can be loaned after 09:00 the next day, and application materials after 17:00 Friday can be loaned after 09:00 next Monday.
    • Morning(once): 9:00
    • Afternoon(twice): 14:00, 17:00
  • Waiting period after sending notification (e-mail, Kakao Notification Talk, or SMS): 3 days (including the day of notification)
  • If the number of non-borrows exceeds 3 times (or 3 books) after applying for the preservation document, the service for applying for the borrow of the preservation document shall not be used for 30 days
Target of Use
  • Target User : All users
  • Target Campus : Busan Campus(Jangjeon-dong), Yangsan Campus, Miryang Campus, Ami Campus
  • Target Materials : Books not in the campus library to which you belong
How to apply
  1. Access and login to the Library Website
  2. Check the collection location and loan information of the book by searching the collection data
  3. Apply for inter-campus borrow by clicking the  button on the add-on function of the collection information
    ※ Make sure to enter contacts and emails in My Library > Privacy Management
    ※ Materials on borrow or non-borrowable materials cannot be applied
How to borrow
  • Applications before 09:00 are received on the same day, and applications after 09:00 are received on the next day
  • 3 days from receipt to borrow (Only ‘Monday’, ‘Wed’ and ‘Fri’ are used for materials transfer between campuses)
    However, Friday application data will be received next Monday morning
  • When you receive a borrowable contact (email and SMS), you can borrow the materials selected at the time of application for Inter-campus Borrowing from the library
    • Central Library : 1F Borrow/Return Desk 051-510-1308
    • Med&Life Sci Library : 1F Borrow/Return Desk 051-510-8137
    • Ami Campus Medical Information Retrieval Office : S-dong 7F 051-240-7709
    • Nano&Life Sci Library : 4F Borrow/Return Desk 055-350-5211
How to return
  • Return materials to the return desk of the library where you borrowed it
  • Unable to return to automatic return machine
  • Use if materials are not in the library of your campus or are all on loan
  • Waiting period after notification of arrival of materials (e-mail, SMS): 3 days (including the day of notification)
  • Inter-campus borrowing service is not available for 30 days if the number of non-campus material borrows is more than 3 times (or 3 books)
    ※ You cannot re-loan other campus materials on the same day after returning them.
Target of Use
  • All individuals who are current PNU ID holders※ Making a Rush Cataloging Request for materials which we have purchased only one copy by Purchase Request service is available to the one who made the Purchase Request
  • Target Materials :
    • Materials available for Rush Cataloging Request:
      Only circulating materials whose catalog record says “정리중(In process)” in place of “대출 가능(Borrowable)”
    • Monographs
      But, non-borrow data, such as data owned by an institution, reference materials, continuous publications, non-books, etc., shall be excluded
How to apply
  1. Access and login to the Library Website
  2. Find the item in the online catalog
  3. Check the status of the item by searching the catalog record
  4. Only books whose status reads “정리중(In process)” are available for Rush Cataloging Request
  5. Put in a Rush Cataloging Request by using the  button on the catalog record
    ※ My Library > Edit My Profile (Make sure to put contact information in your personal profile, including E-mail)
  6. Make sure you choose a pick-up location before you click on submit.
    ※ On the campuses not situated in Busan, only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can pick up your items from the library on your campus
  7. You can make Rush Cataloging Requests for a maximum of three items at one point in time
How to borrow
  • The library processes the Rush Cataloging Requests which we received before 10:00 A.M. within the working day.
  • The requests submitted after 10:00 A.M. are going to be processed until 10:00 A.M. the next day
  • Upon receiving KakaoTalk, SMS, or email notifications, you can pick your items up from the circulation desk of the library chosen as the pick-up location.
  • Make sure the status of material is “정리중(In process)”, before submitting a Rush Cataloging Request.
  • You are expected to pick the items up within 3 working days including the day you receive the notification that you can borrow the items.
  • If you don’t check out either 3 times or 3 books within 3 working days, it is going to prevent you from using the Rush Cataloging Request service for 30 calendar days
Ask a librarian
  • Office: Cataloging Management Team, 1F Central Library
    Domestic Materials : ☎051-510-1823
    Oriental Materials : ☎051-510-1807
    Western Materials : ☎051-510-1811