Research Support Service

Research Support Service

From recommendation of researcher-customized
journals to inspection of suspicious journals!
The library will help you with any part of
your research activities that requires support.

Q. I would like to receive recommendations for appropriate journals to submit my thesis. If anything, it is an influential academic journal!

If you provide the information (English title, English abstract, keywords) of the paper to be submitted, we will recommend an appropriate overseas journal for submission using tools such as Clarivate Analytics Manuscript Matcher, Elsevier Journal Finder, and Springer Journal Suggester.

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Q. I want to find out
if the journal I'm submitting to is
a stale[predatory] journal[publisher].

Wondering if the journal you’re considering submitting to is a stale [predatory] journal?
The library checks for suspected stale [predatory] journals through SAFE, Stop Predatory Journals, Beall’s List, and more.

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Q. I wonder if this amounts
to research misconduct.

Are you curious about whether your situation deviate from research ethics such as unfair authorship, duplicate publication, and self-plagiarism?
The library provides guidance on research ethics.


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Q. Writing a bibliography is
too complex and difficult.

Having trouble with the bibliography style (notation)?
Need a convenient way to write a bibliography?
Do you want to check the style of reference required by the journal you plan to submit to?
The library will guide you in detail.

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Q. This service is essential for research activities. Can the library help?

Need a service that isn’t available here?
If you have a brilliant idea, please apply!
Let’s put our heads together and think about how to service.


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