Purchase Request


Status Upper limit(won)
Faculty, Faculty(PNUH) Instructor 2,000,000
Emeritus professor, Staff, Teaching Assistant, PostDoc, Graduate Student, Researcher after graduating graduate school, Intern, Resident, Staff(PNUH) 600,000
Undergraduate Student 400,000
  • Individual application limit calculation period: March of the current year to February of the following year

Books not eligible for purchase

  • Comics, books for infants and children
  • Elementary, middle, and high school textbooks and reference books
  • Materials that are not original, such as copies, reprints, etc., and that infringe copyright
  • Pornography
  • Pure entertainment books such as fantasy, romance, martial arts, and light novels
  • Materials requested or recommended by publishers or non-affiliated users
    ※Collections or expensive materials can be purchased with a letter of recommendation from the department or after going through the library’s review process and purchase consideration.


  • Before submitting a request, please check the online catalog to determine whether the material you want is already owned by the Library or on order.
  • If the requested material is already on order, your request can be canceled.
  • Please supply as much bibliographic information as you can to help us process your request such as title, author, publisher, ISBN, publication date, etc. if the information is not enough, there is some probability that your request is subjected to cancelation.
  • Most requests for domestic physical materials (print books, media, scores, etc.) can be fulfilled in 1-2 business weeks. For foreign physical materials, it takes 4-6 business weeks

Ask a Librarian

  • Humanities and Social sciences : ☎ 051-510-1803
  • Science and Technology :  ☎051-510-1399

Submitting/Tracking a Purchase Request

In order to make a request for purchase or track your purchase request, please select My Request by navigating the menus as follows: My Menu > My Library > My Resources > Purchase request