Purchase Request


Status Upper limit(won)
Faculty, Faculty(PNUH) Instructor 2,000,000
Emeritus professor, Staff, Teaching Assistant, PostDoc, Graduate Student, Researcher after graduating graduate school, Intern, Resident, Staff(PNUH) 600,000
Undergraduate Student 400,000
  • Individual application limit calculation period: March of the current year to February of the following year

Purchase restricted book

  • Comics, Books for infants/children’s books
  • Elementary, middle, and high school textbooks and reference books
  • Materials that are not original, such as copies, reprints, etc., and that violate copyright
  • Pornography
  • Fantasy, romance, martial arts, and light novels with a strong entertainment nature
  • Materials requested or recommended by a third party
    ※Complete books or expensive materials can be purchased by attaching a letter of recommendation from the department or after internal deliberation at the library.


  • Apply after confirming whether the data to be applied are in the library (use “search for data on collection”).
  • If an application is made for a book (selection, order) that is not in the library, the application may be canceled.
  • Correctly enter the bibliographic information (signature, author, publisher, year of issue, ISBN, etc.) of the data to be applied.
    Your application may be cancelled if your entries are incorrect.
  • It takes about 2-3 weeks for domestic books and 4-6 weeks for foreign books to be obtained, but the period of acquisition may vary greatly depending on the data.

Ask a Librarian

  • Humanities and Social sciences : ☎ 051-510-1803
  • Science and Technology :  ☎051-510-1399

Request/Enquiry for data

For the application and confirmation of application for the desired book, please use the My Menu > My Library > My Resources > Book Application