Research Ethics/Plagiarism Prevention


‣ A web service that helps prevent plagiarism in advance by comparing the submitted thesis with various academic papers, books, and web pages around the world to check the similarity result and source.








  • Class ID / Enrollment key
    Turnitin Class ID and Registration Key will appear on your screen when you log in to the library home page.
  • Manual
    For students English Chinese Video
    For professors English Video



  • Available after applying by e-mail
    – Information: Name (English and Korean), professor number/staff number/student number, affiliation and user classification, e-mail address (univ. e-mail), purpose of use
    – Application : medlib@pusan.ac.kr
  • Manual
    file_download manual of iThenticate
  • Notice
    Please use Turnitin to check the degree thesis similarity.
  • Inquiry
    – Biomedical Science Library ☎ 051-510-8148


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