Operation Method

A. Operational direction and scope of Use
  • This facility is a place to improve library utilization and information utilization capabilities, and is open to school members within the scope of not interfering with the library’s unique work.
  • Individuals and institutions who intend to use this facility may use the facility after obtaining approval for use by following prescribed procedures.
B. Opening Hours
  • It is the same as the opening time of the library archives, and may be changed in special cases.
  • Except for library use education, movie screening hours, and library-organized events
    • Monday to Friday : 09:00 – 17:00
C. Qualification to apply
  • Students enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate schools of this school (for students on leave, applicants for library use), faculty and staff
  • Minimum number of people to use: 20 people
  • Not available if there are any sanctions, such as overdue books or unpaid overdue fees

How to apply

  • Download and submit it to the person in charge via email or in perso
    Auditorium Officer E-Mail : okican78@pusan.ac.kr
  • Submission
    1st Floor, Saebyeokbeol Library Office
  • Reservations can be made one week before the date of use and must be checked for approval of use.
    Contact : Saebyeokbeol Library(☎051-510-1304)
    (However, applications for use shall not exceed 4 times per semester)


  • It shall be used only for research and learning activities, and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  • The hours of use, the number of people, the purpose of use, etc. shall be observed.
  • For facilities and equipment damaged during use, the applicant shall fully compensate for restoration or restoration expenses.
  • The import of food is prohibited (check-out measures when caught).
  • Various wastes, etc., are collected by the applicant after use, and the equipment is organized.