What are you looking for? We will provide you with the academic resources and search methods provided by our library.
For easy understanding, academic materials are divided into the library’s own collection (physical materials) and electronic materials accessible online.

How to search for PNU Library Catalog

Catalog is actual holding materials in PNU library.

There are many different resource type such as Books, Periodicals, Dissertations, Multimedia, and Old and rare books.

* Book is the bound non-periodical publication.

* Periodical refers to an information source published in multiple parts at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, biannually). Mostly, it’s academic journals which have articles.

* Dissertation is submitted papers to obtain the master and doctor’s degree. We archived most of the dissertations digitally so that they can be serviced online.

* Multimedia refers to material that stores information in various forms such as audio, video(DVD, VHS) and microfilms.

* Old documents indicate that the books were made in a traditional book published before the end of the Korean Empire (1910), before the end of the Chinese Qing Dynasty (1911), and before the Japanese Ming Dynasty (1867).

Please search by items like title, author/creator, publisher using the catalog menu. You can also search by keywords, ISBN, or ISSN.

If there are too many results, you can refine the search results. In order to obtain proper result, ① You can use the Refine search result box. With the information you have, you can make it specific. It has Place(branch library), Resource type, Author/Creator, Subject, Publisher, Year, Language etc. ② You can enter additional keywords at the search box in the results.

How to search for e-Resources

Electronic materials are the online accessible materials  such as PDF of the primary source, e-book, and e-Learning.

For convenience, electronic materials are classified into e-Article, e-Journal, Database, e-Book, and e-Learning.

  • An article is A brief work. Generally between 1 and 35 pages in length on a topic. Often published as part of a journal, magazine, or newspaper. An e-Article is a menu that allows you to use these academic papers online.
  • The collection of each academic article (e-Article) is referred to as the Journal, and the e-Journal is the menu where you can use these journals online.
  • A collection of journals that are made available online is called an academic database.
  • An e-Book is a digital form of a book (book), that is, an e-book


To use electronic materials outside the school, you need to access the URL provided by the library after logging in.
No out-of-school access DB is only available on campus, login status. However, some DB are only allowed in certain campus. Please refer to DB explanation.

How to use more

  • Check out the new arrivals. You can find out which books are new to Pusan National University by setting the period. However, since it is based on the date of availability of Pusan National University Library, it could be a new book even if the year of publication is not the latest.

  • Which books are popular for Hyowon people? You can find the popular books that have been loaned a lot in the last month

  • Check out the books recommended by librarians of Pusan National University Library by reading the book and recommending books.

  • Can not find what you need in the library?
    You can copy or borrow materials from our libraries and other institutions through interlibrary loan / original copy
    You can request the purchase of materials through Purchase requests