Number of Books for Loan & Loan Period

User Number of Books Period
Undergraduate students less than 10 14 days
Graduate students and
researchers after graduating graduate school
less than 20 30 days
Emeritus professors, teaching assistant and staff less than 20 60 days
Instructors less than 30 60 days
Professors less than 50 90 days

Borrowing & Renewals

  • PNU faculty, students, and staff may access and search all materials in the library. In order to borrow books from the library, you should check out books using  your ID card (or mobile ID card) at the self check-out machine.
  • Location of self check-out machine : 1st~4th floors of Central Library; second floor of SaeByeokBeol Library; fourth floor of the Law Library; first floor of the Medicine & Life Science Library; and on the third floor of the Nano & Life Science Library.
  • Accompanying materials or CDs can be also borrowed. They will not be included in the number of checked-out books, but failure to return them on time will result in an overdue fine.
  • When you need to extend the loan period of checked-out books, you should renew your books directly at the circulation desk or through the Library website.
  • Loan period can be extended only one time prior to the expiration of loan period.
  • PNU Library website → My Library → Borrowing & Renewals → Renewal


  • You can return borrowed materials through the self check-in machine or at the circulation desk. The late fee is 100 won per day for each book. Various certificates can be issued; however, the application for leaves of absence from school cannot be processed in the Library.
  • After the librarian’s official working hours, returns are only available through the auto return machine located outside of the libraries.
  • Location of self check-in machine: first floor of Central Library; SaeByeokBeol Library; Medicine & Life Science Library,  and the Nano & Life Science Library; fourth floor of the Law library, and  on the third floor of the construction building (Mirinae Reading Room)


  • When books that you would like to use already have been checked out, you may submit a request to reserve them upon return.
  • Reservations can be made through the Library website, You will be notified about the reservation, so you need to input your contact information correctly.
  • Upon arrival of reserved books, an arrival notice will be sent via e-mail and SMS to the person who  reserved them first. Reserved books should be checked out within 2 days after receiving the arrival notice.
  • PNU Library website → Search Holdings → View Details → Reserve

Compensation for Lost Books

  • If you lose a book checked, please visit the library and report it to the Circulation Desk. You should purchase and return the same book within a week after reporting the loss.
  • When it is not possible to replace the same book, the library will designate a specific book similar to the one lost.
  • If it is not possible to replace the lost book with a similar book, you should compensate for the loss with the value of the book as money estimated by the library.

Inter-Campus Loan

  • If materials are held at a remote campus, you may check them out using the inter-campus loan service
  • PNU Library website → Search Holdings→ View Details → Inter-campus Loan

Purchasing Requests

  • If the books you need are not held, you can request for those books to be purchased.
  • It takes 2-4 weeks for purchases to be made.
  • If the books requested for purchase are deemed unsuitable for the library, the request may be denied.

In-Process Material Request

  • When the desired book is obtained by the library but not available yet, you can submit an ‘In-Process Material Request’ so you can use the book as soon as possible.
  • Requests can be made only if the materials are ‘In-Process’ or ‘Completion of Process’ stage.
  • When the book becomes available for use, a notification will be sent to your e-mail address and your ‘My Library’ -> ‘My Profile’ -> ‘Personal Notices’ menu.

Storage Materials Requests

  • A ‘Storage Materials Request’ can be used when books are available at a Preserved Resource Room that you are not allowed to enter.
  • Preserved Resource Room keeps old books, special collection materials, and rare books.
  • Preserved Resources are available through reservations.
  • Search for the materials and make a reservation through the PNU Library website.
  • A librarian may find the reserved book and send you a SMS message or e-mail for permission.

※ Borrowing a Single Volume

  • After searching for the materials on PNU Library website, click  보존서고 신청[Closed Request] button.
  • Make a reservation for the desired materials (You can borrow a book only after getting permission from the Library)
  • If you get a SMS message or e-mail permission, you can visit the Circulation Desk at SaeByeokBeol Library to borrow the book.
  • The Library keeps reserved books for only 3 days.

Course Reserves

  • Course Reserves are books selected by faculty members of the university as required or recommended reading materials for their courses.
  • In case of Course Reserves, you can only read them in the library, they are not available for borrowing.
  • Course Reserves Request: Course Reserves are designated by faculty members.
  • Course Reserves Classification: Course Reserves labels are attached on the spines of books.

Book Holds (Check-Out Reservations)

  • If you need a book that is checked out to another person, you may place a hold on that book.
  •  This service allows the person submitting the request to have priority for borrowing the requested book once it becomes available.
  • When the book is returned, you will be notified by e-mail/SMS.
  • Library website -> Login (active PNU ID and password are required)
  • Search for the book in the Library Catalog.
  • If the book is checked out, the status will show “Charged (On Loan)” along with a due date.
  • Click the icon_hold [Reserve] button to the right of the displayed book.

Fees and Fines

  • If checked-out materials are lost or damaged, compensation should be made with identical items. (an arrangement free of KRW 1,000 also is charged)
  • If lost materials are sold-out or out of print, compensation should be made with current items in similar subjects. (an arrangement fee of KRW 4,000 also is changed)