How can I set up the proxy in Google Scholar?

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In order to help Google Scholar users, we provide a guideline how to link to PNU library web.
This service provides links to original documents and collection information for electronic materials subscribed to our university when searching for information in Google Scholar.

1. access to Google scholar


2. setting up user ENVIRONMENT

  • Click the setting button. google_co_kr_설정버튼
  • Select Library links
    • Search “Pusan national university”
    • Check “PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY” & “RISS4U Catalog, Korea-Find it @ RISS”
    • 구글_라이브러리검색
    • If you are  not available to search or check is in inactivation, hope you to delete cache and cookies in browser.
    • If you enabled cookies on your browser but you’re still seeing an error message, try opening a new window in your browser or closing other tabs in your browser.

3.  Find it @ PNU

If you set up library link at Google Scholar, you may see Find it @ PNU.

Through this link, you can use original text .


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