Recovering a lost or forgotton password

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If you lost or want to change your password, you can follow the procedure shown below.

1.  Click “Log-in”

2. Click “Find Password”

– Select “Student/Alumni/faculty”


3-1. Fill-out your personal information.

1) Select “Student/Alumni/faculty” 2) Fill out student number or Faculty number 3) Fill out name 4)Fill out date of birth


3-2.  Select the user authentication method

※ This information is written based on messaging authentication method

– For identify over cell phone, cell phone should be registered in your name.
– In the case of certificate, that must be issued by  한국정보인증, 한국전자인증, 코스콤.


3-3. Self sertification through message.

– Click <user authentication (message)> Fill out personal information
1) Name   2) Date    3) Phone number    4) Security code


3-4. Create new password


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