Category Applicant Qualifications Application Fees Number of Books & Loan Period
Basic PNU Graduates, Citizens Annual Fee: KRW 10,000 Reading only in the library
Alumni (Hyowon) PNU Graduates Annual Fee: KRW 50,000 5 books for 10 days
Citizen Citizens Annual Fee: KRW 100,000 5 books for 10 days
Preferred Donors and Contributors Book Donations
(more than 500 books)
5 books for 30 days
Library Donations
(more than KRW 2 million)
Donation to the University Development Fund
(more than KRW 10 million)
Retired Faculty Members
(who worked at PNU for more than 5 years)
Other Students on
leaves of absence
Free 5 books for 14 days
Membership Members cannot use electronic materials such as Database, e-Journal, …etc.
However, e-Books are available ( Except ‘Basic’ : Basic members can only read in the library. )