• Turnitin is the most widely used plagiarism prevention service in the world.
  • Search resources: Web-pages, major newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals, theses and assignments, books and the materials of other academic publishers. (Sage, Emerald, Gale, and others.)
  • Comparisons of direct resources: Check with the subject and the object of comparison on one screen
  • Various submit functions: HWP, PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, WordPerfect and others.
  • Numerical confirmation: Confirm the degree of matching with object of comparison based on the percentage (%)

Turnitin URL

  • Click here to go Turnitin Website
  • If you are looking for ‘Class ID, Class register key’ in order to create a student account , take a look at the bottom of the page.

How to Use Turnitin

Professor (Instructor)

  • Send an account request to the Turnitin admin using the PNU Webmail listed below. (ex. name, department, e-mail address [*****@pusan.ac.kr])
  • If you don’t have a PNU Webmail account, please create one here http://webmail.pusan.ac.kr/index.ds
  • Receive a welcome e-mail with a temporary password from Turnitin after admin has registered.
  • Log in and change the temporary password to a personal password -> Check Instructor Manual (Eng) for detail as below.

Graduate School Students and Researchers

  • Check Turnitin Class ID and Password as below -> Create a new account as a student with class ID and Password.
    (only use this email domain : ****@pusan.ac.kr)
  • If you don’t have a PNU Webmail account, please create one here. http://webmail.pusan.ac.kr/index.ds
  • Class ID and Password verification: available after PNU Library homepage login.
  • Click class name and submit button -> check Student Manual (Eng) for details below.


Turnitin Class ID, PW(only for student account)

Available after PNU Library homepage login