Guide for Dissertation Writing


The following should be included and must be in order.
Sample File Download ☞ See bottom of linked page (학위논문작성가이드)

  1. Top cover
  2. Flyleaf (Blank page after “Top cover”)
  3. Under cover & Approval page
  4. Table of contents
  5. Abstract(Same language as the Main text)
  6. Main text
  7. References
  8. Appendix (If you have)
  9. Abstract(second language) ***
    *** When the main text was written in English, You should attach the Korean abstract.

Printing Specification and Characters

  • All Dissertations must use white vellum paper 19cm X 26cm(A4 size).
  • Cover must be made of gray leathack paper.
  • The degree request papers must be typed, printed or a fair copy, and the dissertation should be printed in typewriters, computerized or word-processed text.

File submission

  • All students are required to submit their original file and three copies, according to Library regulations chapter 2, 10
    ※  If you can’t thesis file submission, you should submit the thesis file CD (or printed copy) and Author Permission Agreement(Handwritten Signature Required)
  • Submission page :
  • Submission manual : Download
    ※ To see English page, Please Click “English” button below the logo.
    ※ Student Number(ID) and Password is same as International Student Support System.

Printed thesis submission

  • Period : See “Notice” on library homepage
  • Location : 1st floor of Central Library
  • Number of Copies :
    Master, Doctor : 3 Copies  / Law School Students : 4 Copies