Guide for Dissertation Writing


The following should be included and must be in order. Sample File Download

  1. Top cover
  2. Flyleaf (Blank page after “Top cover”)
  3. Under cover
  4. Approval page
  5. Table of contents
  6. Main text
  7. References
  8. Appendix (If you have)
  9. Abstract ***

*** When the main text was written in English, You should attach the Korean abstract.

Printing Specification and Characters

  • All Dissertations must use white vellum paper 19cm X 26cm.
  • Master’s cover must be made of gray leathack paper.
  • Doctor’s cover must be made of black hard-cover bookbinding.
  • The degree request papers must be typed, printed or a fair copy, and the dissertation should be printed in typewriters, computerized or word-processed text.

File submission

Printed thesis submission

  • Period : See “Notice & News” on library homepage
  • Location : 1st floor of Central Library
  • Number of Copies
    Master : 4 Books (Softcover) / Docter : 4 Books (Hardcover) / Law School Students : 5 Books