Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access?

  • Every e-resource PNU provide is available within the IP address PNU specified.
  • In order to use e-resources from off-campus, you may need to log in to the PNU library website and access the URL offered by PNU library.
  • Off-Campus access is available to students and educational personel.
  • Off-Campus access has no limitations of operating systems or browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.  (however, IE 9 or lower is not available)
  • Users must check “PROXY ON ” in the header of the website.

How to Get Started?

For Off-Campus access, you need log to the library homepage.
In the case of an e-Article, e-Journal, Databases, Off-Campus access is only possible while attending school.

  1. Log in to the Library homepage.
  2. Check the connection state next to the log-in button. If it is “PROXY On” there will be no problem.
  3. Access e-Articlee-JournalDatabases
    * You may have to access e-Journal or Databases through links in the Library homepage.

eProxy Address (If you set manually)

    * Do not omit “https”


  • If there is a restriction for using full-text, you cannot use it. Please check the offering period of e-Journal or Databases.
    1. e-Journal : Check offering period in the window showing up after search
    2. Databases : Check offering period in Database List
  • Or, check your Windows and Internet Explorer’s Version
    1. If you use Windows XP, please install Service Pack 3.
      * Because of security access, Windows XP does not support smooth access.
    2. For Internet Explorer 9 (or lower), services cannot be accessed.
      * Internet Explorer does not comply with Web standards. It can cause security issues and errors. Please use a Multi-Browser like Chrome or Firefox

What if I still have a problem connecting?

If there is still a problem, please send an e-mail to with the following information.

  1. Name
  2. Student ID
  3. Your computer operating system
  4. Type of browser you are using
  5. Service name
  6. Problem or issue

We will investigate the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.