Extension of Dissertation 'File' Submission Period

  Submission of dissertation file

  • due: 2020. 1. 20.(Mon) – 2. 05.(Wed) 24:00
  • extended period : ~ 2020. 2. 12(Wed) ※ Additional extention is not planned, so please submit it punctually.
  • at where:
  • Log in: ID-Student number / password- same to e-onestop website
  • 3 printed copies should be submitted on Feb. 6th (Thu)
  • If you have already submitted File, please check the  verification/return on submit site.

Format of submission

  • Thesis paper are generally written in the following order :
    1. Top cover
    2.Flyleaf (Blank page after “Top cover”)
    3.Under cover & Approval page
    4.Table of contents
    5.Abstract(Same language as the Main text)
    6.Main text
    8. Appendix (If you have)
    9. Abstract(second language)
    Writing guide
  • Please remove the Spine page (a page that only has a title written in vertical) and all blank papers
  • The approval paper that has  the judging professors name  and approval date MUST be included (Judges’ signature or seal is optional).
  • Request about format of the thesis and graduation (*graduate policy office ☎ 051-510-1901)
  • Those who are considering  to apply patent need to alter the start date of showing paper to reveal after evaluating patent.

How to submit 

① Online file submission【mandatory】 

  • Type of file: Han, MS-Word, Jungum, pdf … etc
    (In case of tex/dvi/ps file, please convert it to pdf. The other files can be submitted as they are.)
  • Abstract/Table of contents :  ‘Copy’ from the original file and add using ‘paste’ (Korean, English can be  used.)
  • Submit file through online :
    Menu: submit > My information > Meta data > License agreement > original registration > submit confirmation
  • ※ Please refer to notice in the library website when you submit your file. 
  • ※ Separated files can be registered to 5, upload order of separated file is the same as the copy of degree dissertation in order. 
  •  In case of composing one file, please upload it as it is. 

②  Submission by visit [When the online submission is not available]

  • When the file has a large capacity(over 50MB) , When there are many files (over 6), When the papers are pasted… etc, (in conclusion) when the online submission is not available. 
  • How to submit
    Input metadata (thesis information and abstract/table of content) in ‘submit’ menu →  Agree to degree dissertation’s copyright →  Choose ‘Submit later’ in submit file →  Complete submission by clicking final submission → Submit a copy or file to Information Technology Sevices Team(전산지원팀) at  Central library 3F by mail/visit 
  • Or submit a copy and a paper(attached by below) to Information Technology Sevices Team(전산지원팀) at  Central library 3F by mail/visit
    (Attachment : Author Permission Agreement-Handwritten Signature Required, an agent can sumit instead)
  •  Complete and submit a Author Permission Agreement paper only if you submit a copy or file separately.

③ Request : Information Technology Services Team(3rd floor of Central Library☎ 510-1832/1817,

The submitted file will be converted to PDF and serviced through the homepage of convention institutions such as Pusan ​​National University Library and KERIS. After PDF conversion, files submitted due to server disk capacity issues will be deleted. Please keep the original copy of the thesis file.