Online submission of dissertation 'File' (Feb 2020)

We sincerely congratulate you on getting your degree. Those who would be given degree must submit the dissertation (including file) mandatory in accordance with ‘Article 20(delivery of Library Materials)’ of Library law, ‘Article 13 (delivery of Library Materials)’ of Enforcement Decree of the Library Act, and ‘Pusan National University Library Regulations’(revised in Feb 28, 2006). Please submit the dissertation file as follows below. 

▣  Submission of dissertation file

  • Due: 2020. 1. 20.(Mon) – 2. 05.(Wed) 24:00 (before the submission of copies : 2020.02.06)
  • At where:
  • Log in: ID: Student number / password: same to e-onestop website

Format of submission

  • Thesis paper are generally written in the following order :
    1. Top cover
    2.Flyleaf (Blank page after “Top cover”)
    3.Under cover & Approval page
    4.Table of contents
    5.Abstract(Same language as the Main text)
    6.Main text
    8. Appendix (If you have)
    9. Abstract(second language)
    Writing guide
  • Please remove the Spine page (a page that only has a title written in vertical) and all blank papers. 
  • The approval paper that has  the judging professors name  and approval date MUST be included (Judges’ signature or seal is optional).
  • Request about format of the thesis and graduation (*graduate policy office ☎ 051-510-1901)
  • Those who are considering  to apply patent need to alter the start date of showing paper to reveal after evaluating patent.

How to submit 

① Online file submission【mandatory】 

  • Type of file: Han, MS-Word, Jungum, pdf … etc
    (In case of tex/dvi/ps file, please convert it to pdf. The other files can be submitted as they are.)
  • Abstract/Table of contents :  ‘Copy’ from the original file and add using ‘paste’ (Korean, English can be  used.)
  • Submit file through online :
    Menu: submit > My information > Meta data > License agreement > original registration > submit confirmation
  • ※ Please refer to notice in the library website when you submit your file. 
  • Separated files can be registered to 5, upload order of separated file is the same as the copy of degree dissertation in order. 
  •  In case of composing one file, please upload it as it is. 

②  Submission by visit [When the online submission is not available]

  • When the file has a large capacity(over 50MB) , When there are many files (over 6), When the papers are pasted… etc, (in conclusion) when the online submission is not available. 
  • How to submit
    Input metadata (thesis information and abstract/table of content) in ‘submit’ menu →  Agree to degree dissertation’s copyright →  Choose ‘Submit later’ in submit file →  Complete submission by clicking final submission → Submit a copy or file to Information Technology Sevices Team(전산지원팀) at  Central library 3F by mail/visit 
  • Or submit a copy and a paper(attached by below) to Information Technology Sevices Team(전산지원팀) at  Central library 3F by mail/visit
    (Attachment : Author Permission Agreement-Handwritten Signature Required, an agent can sumit instead)
  •  Complete and submit a Author Permission Agreement paper only if you submit a copy or file separately.

Request : Information Technology Services Team(3rd floor of Central Library☎ 510-1832/1817,

The submitted file will be converted to PDF and serviced through the homepage of convention institutions such as Pusan ​​National University Library and KERIS. After PDF conversion, files submitted due to server disk capacity issues will be deleted. Please keep the original copy of the thesis file.