Submission of dissertation 'Copies' (Feb 2020)

Those who would be given degree must submit the dissertation (including file) mandatory in accordance with ‘Article 20(delivery of Library Materials)’ of Library law, ‘Article 13 (delivery of Library Materials)’ of Enforcement Decree of the Library Act, and ‘Pusan National University Library Regulations’(revised in Feb 28, 2006).

submission of graduate thesis

① Date: 6 Feb(Thu), 09:30 ~ 17:30 (※ No extra submission will be taken / Please complete the file submission before the submission date.  Thesis file Submission Notice)

② Place : 1st floor, the Central Library

③ copies and forms( adjusted to same for master & doctor’s degree )

  • 3 copies (4 copies for law school); if the dissertation file is not submitted, additional a copy and the paper application(Author Permission Agreement) permit should be submitted. (Thesis file Submission Notice)
    ※  The National Library of Korea, the National Assembly Library  and the Pusan National University Library (1 copy each) are kept. (However, law schools exchange a copy mutually with the Court Library)
  • Thesis paper are generally written in the following order :
    1. Top cover
    2. Flyleaf (Blank page after “Top cover”)
    3. Under cover & Approval page
    4. Table of contents
    5. Abstract(Same language as the Main text)
    6. Main text
    7. References
    8. Appendix (If you have)
    9. Abstract(second language)
    Writing guide

④ The way to submit (by type of graduate school)

  • General graduate school : a diploma holder (individual) should submit to library (6 Feb, 2020) ( an agent can submit instead)
  • Special & Professional graduate school : Submit according to the times and locations guided by each graduate school. (Request: Each graduate administrative office) → to make List of Submitter Status by Graduate School→ (2020. 02. 06) to submit to the library at once

⑤ requests

  •  Request for schedule and method, copies : Collection Development Team  ☎ 051-510-7600
    (※When and How to submit of Professional graduate school thesis : request to each graduate school administrative office)
  • Request about forms (standard form of copy, approval sheet, front page) : graduate school administrative office ☎ 051-510-1901