[REN]All the poetry of the world Lecture 35 : Zhuang-Zi(莊子) and His Dream of Butterfly, Meet Franz Schubert's Winterreise (12.6.)

PNU Library conducts a lecture called <All the poetry of the world> with Poetica in PNU. During the semester, on the fourth Friday of every month, at 3 pm, the SaeBeokBeol Library. The last lecture of the 2019 will be held as follows. We are looking forward to your attendance.

  • Title : Zhuang-Zi(莊子) and His Dream of Butterfly / Meet Franz Schubert’s Winterreise
  • Speaker : Lee, sung Hee (Poet) / Kwon, Han-jun(Baritone)
  • Date : 2019. 12. 6 (Fri), 15:00 ~ 17:00
  • Place : The place has changed > Central Library 1st floor Lobby
  • How to apply
    1) PNU student : Student total care system(OneStop) → Extra curriculum(비교과) → sign up(참가 신청) → ‘poetry of the world’ (‘세상의 모든 시학’)
    2) PNU faculty or Local residents:  send email with your ID, name and contact →
  • Participating undergraduate students will receive a 1 extracurriculum mileage.
  • 20 participants will be given the author’s book 『꼭  한번 보고 싶은 중국 옛 그림(Old Chinese Paintings I want to see)』.
  • Request : Planning & Public Relations Team(Central Library 3F, 051-510-1810,