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[PIONEER] 2024 Contest for book recommendations you want to read with Hyowonpeople
Writer 강태규
Date 2024.03.29
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“Let’s see good Books together.”


Pnu Library is starting a contest to recommend books you want to read with Hyowonin (2024 school year).

This event started in 2012 and is now in its 12th year!

We ask for your interest and participation so that you and other Hyowonpeople can continue to read good books that have influenced my life.


Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to the 2012-2023 Hyowonpeople Inspiration Sharing Excellent Recommendation Site.

  • Participants: PNU students, postgraduate students and, Busan area residents (only adults 19 years of age or older can participate)
  • Recommended target: All books except before recommended books from 2012 to 2023 (excluding fantasy, comics, sensational books, martial arts novels, etc.), ★Click to see list of highly recommended books from 2012 to 2023★
  • How to apply (submit application and letter of recommendation as 1 HWP file, (click to download form))
    – Hyowonpeople (including students on leave of absence): Pusan National University ‘Smart Student Support System’ → Student capabilities → ‘Extracurricular activities’ → Extracurricular programs → ‘Books you want to read with Hyowonpeople’ (click here)
      (Researchers after graduating graduate school submit to ktg951@pusan.ac.kr)
    – Local residents (including graduates and employees): Apply to ktg951@pusan.ac.kr
  • Writing example: (Click here to see the example of Hyowonpeople) (Click here to see the example of local residents) 
  • Recruitment period: April 1 (Mon) – June 30 (Sun), 2024
  • Announcement and award of excellent recommendations: 100 recommendations will be selected between August and September 2024 (up to 2 recommendations per person)
  • Participation benefits: 100 selected cases will receive a 10,000 won gift certificate, and all undergraduate students will receive 5 points in the acquisition department (the same 20,000 won gift certificate for both cases + 5 mileage points)
     (However, 2012-2023 Best Recommendation Books and Familiar Book Recommendations, small benefits of not meeting the standards and plagiarism are excluded)
  • QnA: Library Service Management Team (051-510-1872)