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[Pusan campus] TRAINGING of the LIBRARY for undergraduate FRESHMEN in the 2024 academic year
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Date 2024.03.09
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📢Information on the education of the library for freshmen in the 2024 academic year



📝 Training for 2024 undergraduate freshman     

📆 Period: 2024. 3. 11.~5. 3.

📍 How: PNU smart edu platform ‘PLATO’ (plato.pusan.ac.kr) Video education

📍 [PLATO] – [자율강좌] – [자율강좌 목록] – [2024학년도 학부 신입생 도서관 이용교육]-Register  👉CLICK HERE

📍 Completion criteria: 100% completion of video lecture progress rate(Must check attendance status “O” in video lecture completion status menu)

☎ Pusan campus(051-510-3159), Yangsan campus(051-510-8137), Miryang campus(055-350-5212)

In accordance with Article 22 of the Library Regulations,

if an undergraduate freshman in the 2024 school year does not complete library use training,
From September 1, 2024, measures to partially restrict library use (restrictions on book lending and seating allocation in reading rooms) will be implemented.
Please make sure to take online training.

We would like to inform you that those who have not completed the training before the 2023 school year will be able to use the library service from 14:00 the next business day after taking the training,
Please make sure to check that your attendance is treated as “O” in the video lecture completion status in PLATO.