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[REN] SAM Learning Information Guide 1st Semester Comment Writing Event
Writer 강승일
Date 2023.05.15
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Do you happen to know the “SAM Learning Information Guide” that is full of knowledge???

In order to support your learning, the library collects information necessary for liberal arts, self-development, and educational research and provides it through the SAM Learning Information Guide.

Why don’t you share your own know-how about SAM learning information guide content with your classmates through comments and communication boards?

A total of 20 students who wrote on the SAM Study Guide bulletin board and comment section will receive a Starbucks Gifticon (10,000 won) voucher!

  • Participation target: Undergraduate students who have taken or are taking compulsory and optional courses in liberal arts (areas 1-7)
  • Participation period: 2023.05.15. ~ 2023.06.16.
  • How to participate
 1. Log in to the library website
 2. Access to the SAM Learning Information Guide on the main screen of the library website
 3. Create a post by selecting either a comment box or a communication board in the Learning and Self-improvement Guide
When selecting a comment section in the Learning Information Guide When selecting an in-platform communication board


① Read one of the learning and self-improvement guides

② Write a review in the comment section at the bottom of the guide article

    (100 characters or more)

 – Things you want to read and fix after reading the guide

 – Feel free to create your own learning know-how if you are taking or have taken the course


① Title is written by subject name

② Feel free to write your own know-how gained while taking the relevant course

(at least 100 characters)

    – Introduction to learning content (such as what you learn)

    – Introduction of reference books (video), etc. that helped with learning

    – Introduction of know-how in writing and testing assignments, etc

※ Users can participate in duplicate writing, but duplicate winners are not possible when selecting winners.
  • announcement of the winner: 2023.06.19., Announcement of the library website and individual contact will be scheduled
  • Selection criteria: Selection considering the sincerity of the contents and the fidelity of the information
  • Questions: Library Service Operations Team(051-510-1872)