Subject Library Guides

Literature & Arts Library ㅣ 2nd Floor of Central Library

  • The Literature & Arts Library contains monographs, serials, reference materials (photo books, musical scores, school yearbooks and others) in the fields of linguistics, literature, arts, and physical education.

Humanities & Social Sciences Library ㅣ 3rd Floor of Central Library

  • The Humanities & Social Sciences Library contains monographs, serials and reference materials in the fields of library and information sciences, communication studies, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, political science, economics, business administration, public administration, social welfare studies, education, and history. This library also has weekly magazines and various types of local and international newspapers.

Science & Engineering Library ㅣ 4th Floor of Central Library

  • The Science & Engineering Library contains monographs, serials and reference materials in the fields of statistics, architecture, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, mineralogy, biological sciences, botany, and zoology.

Law Library ㅣ 4th to 5th Floor of Law School Building

  • The Law Library has monographs, serials, reference materials (treaty collections, current statute books, law reports and others), and theses and dissertations in the field of law, the including international law, constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law, civil law, commercial law, and legal procedure law.

Medicine & Life Science Library ㅣ Yangsan Campus

  • The Medicine & Life Science Library was relocated to the newly-built library on the Yangsan Campus in August 2010. Since then, this library has provided support for research and educational activities in the fields of medical and life sciences (medical school, dental school, Oriental medical school, and nursing school).

Nano & Life Science Library ㅣ Miryang Campus

  • The Nano & Life Science Library primarily houses monographs, reference materials, theses and dissertations in the fields of nano-science technology and natural resources and life sciences.

Rare Books & Archival Collections ㅣ 3rd Floor of Central Library

  • The Rare Books & Archival Collections manage rare books and literature that were donated by families and individuals. This library translates those documents and provides brief interpretations to for analysis of the collected documents. Also, various source books are consistently published to assist researchers in gathering useful information. Rare books and Korean literary works are not loaned out and only can be viewed in the library after submitting a request.

iCOMMONS ㅣ 1st Floor of Central and SaeByeokBeol Library

  • iCOMMONS holds a variety of equipment and materials to provide an environment where information can be searched and utilized by offering direct help to library users. It houses multimedia materials(DVDs, CDs, and others), cassette tapes, records, video-tapes, and newspaper microfilm. This library is equipped with around 50 computers and peripherals, such as scanner, printer, and fax machine.

Depository Library ㅣ 1st to 3rd Floor of SaeByeokBeol Library

  • The Depository Library was established to improve space efficiency for books that were published a long time ago, books that are not used frequently, and duplicate books. This library uses a closed stack system. To access materials, library users need to make a request on the library’s homepage to receive an e-mail of SMS that permits the use of the materials.

Job Informationㅣ 1st Floor of SaeByeokBeol Library

  • The Job Information center provides students with career information. It holds various materials that help students land jobs such as materials on the civil service examination, foreign language training and computer skills, and provides assistance on obtaining various certificates.

North Korean Materials ㅣ 2nd Floor of Central Library

  • The North Korean Materials holds the materials that were published in North Korea. This library has around 2,600 monographs, a diverse collection of newspapers including the Rodong Shinmun, and serials to provide support for study on North Korean socialism.

Map Collection ㅣ 2nd Floor of Central Library

  • The Map Collection houses materials such maps, map books, topographic maps, copies of antique maps, and globes. All materials can be viewed and copied.

UN / EU / IMF Collectionㅣ 2nd Floor of Central Library

  • The UN / EU / IMF Collection holds EU materials published by the Secretariat General of EU Affairs and various minutes, yearbooks, statistical data, and reports published by the UN. PNU Library was designated as a depository library by the UN Headquarters in 1998 before it was designated as a full depository library in January 2001. In December 2007, PNU Library was designated as an IMF depository library housing books, reports, yearbooks, minutes, and various documents that have been published by the IMF since 2008.

Window on America Collectionㅣ 1st Floor of SaeByeokBeol Library

  • In a joint partnership with the Information Service at the US Embassy in Seoul, PNU established the ‘Window on America’ Collection. The Window on America materials contain the materials related to the education systems, economy, culture, and history of the United States. It provides library users with up-to-date information on studying and traveling in the United States, American studies, and English-Language- Teaching Methods.

Sheet Music Archivesㅣ 2nd Floor of Central Library

  • The Sheet Music Archives has music books and sheet music. such as orchestral scores. Books can be borrowed, and sheet music can be viewed and copied within the library by consulting with a librarian.